Psychopaths (Vol.392)


For the current human race, the spiritual age, represented by religion, is coming to an end. The problem there is the rise of a group of human beings, commonly referred to as psychopaths, who do not have the characteristics of human beings as Son of God, but have a very particular system of consciousness. This energy body of psychopaths has finally been discovered and analyzed in the realm of knowledge called Shinlogy. We have also received data from the Spiritual world regarding this, and what it shows is the fact that the form of human existence is moving to the next stage.

The conventional wisdom that human’s soul has its roots in God or the gods has been decisively overturned here, and the world has been plunged into an unexplored realm where conscious energy bodies arising from human nihilism, unrelated to the Spiritual world, have begun to manipulate many humans. This world has been plunged.

It has been said that the group of humans who now rule the world are some kind of psychopaths who are not affected by the emotional feelings of human, like love and empathy. Therefore  they are Satanists who have sold their souls to the Devil, from the view of the Spiritual world.

According  to the information I have received from the Spiritual world, the group of consciousnesses called demons that originally occupied the throne in heaven had already begun to reduce their involvement in this world when human evil exceeded the scope of their duties.

It indicates that the program of-the-day, of-that-time, will apparently be initiated by the appearance of this human-origin evil. The prophecies and portents of the past have not correctly conveyed the evil of this human origin nihilism. It seems that the natural consequence of the various human-derived concepts that Western civilization has created, especially capitalism and communism in the economy, is a “death-is-the-end” civilization” where the material that exists now is all that matters.

If this civilization eventually comes to dominate the human-type consciousnesses beings on this planet, the end result will be destruction by excessive desire. The process will result in various types of wars and catastrophes, which should simultaneously bring about catastrophic natural disasters, including those of human origin.

The religious information and spiritual data that once existed will not be useful in the final stage that is now underway. However, we are at the threshold of a time when each of us realizes that we are connected to someone else in a field of spiritual energy that extends to the entire universe. Once you realize that if you, as a human being, can project this whole picture into the universe inside your brain, then the external universe will interact with it, and you will realize that as Son of God, you have the ability to manifest God’s image of the Kingdom in the real world.

It sounds like a fantasy, but it is an approachable realm by simply switching the channels of your consciousness. However, this evil desire for a world where no one wants an endless supply is now the driving force behind the human groups that believe they own so much of this planet. This is the current state of the earth.

If you notice the wonder of the humans claiming the resources of this planet as their own, you will also immediately discover that the thoughts of the human groups that control this world are not under the influence of conscious entities such as gods and goddesses.

All that is left is for each and every human being to decide that he or she does not want to live on such a planet, and to act accordingly. No weapons of bloodshed are needed for that action. Everyone will want to participate in this battle to make their life fruitful if they know that winning in their own brain universe will create a good environment in the external universe where they will be in contact with others.
If we have the knowledge to free ourselves from the psychopathic world, doesn’t that mean that we have found the way to the final victory?



May 29, 2014

Seki Tetsuo