You Serpents, You Offspring of Vipers (Vol.770)

After a long time since the crucifixion of Jesus, the true identity of the human group that John the Baptist and Jesus called such as “you serpents, you offspring of vipers” is becoming clearer. The serpent in the Bible is a symbol of the devil who tempted Eve in Adam and Eve’s Eden, but even in the time of Jesus, the offspring of that serpent, those humans, were actually in control of the world.

Jesus declares that there is no escape from hell for the offspring of the vipers. Now, think about the characteristics of Satanism for a moment. Making a pact with the devil seemed to be attractive to people who were seeking the glory of this world.

And in order to amplify the power of the devil, its followers seem to still continue the ritual of sacrificing human life and blood. In other words, anyone who has access to the power of the devil is sharing his sins with the devil.

And that group of humans seems to be the rulers of the human world today. I have been wondering for a long time whether or not they are human beings who have been given the wakemitama of the God or gods, even though they have the form and shape of human beings, and I believe that the correct answer to this question will soon be revealed.

This material universe is probably a storytelling place that can be accessed from a number of parallel universes. In this space-time, however, there is only one theme.

The theme is that the devil has been around for a long time, but we have to question the absence of God who judges us at the moment.
The global civilization we have today is a society formed by atheistic science, and naturally, human consciousness is also based on atheism in its activities.

In other words, people who are alive today are living in a world without judgment and without an afterlife.

The serpent  that tempted Eve was the one who set the path to this knowledge, and it was the fruit of the tree of wisdom that Eve ate that gave her this ability. Mythologically speaking, the serpent is the one who paved the path to today’s science.  In the story of human beings living today, there is a starting point called Paradise Lost, where human beings completely lose sight of God, but those who read through the story will voluntarily break the covenant with the devil and rediscover God.

Human knowledge at present does not know before the beginning of the universe, nor does it know after the end. That is the limit of science.
From the standpoint of Shinlogy, the knowledge of Shinlogy comes from a data system that knows before the beginning and after the end. The Shinlogy Association is responsible for conveying to those who wish to awaken that in order to contact the data system, it is necessary to develop a circuit of consciousness that can link the human body to that data system.

With the information disclosed on the earth today, you are free to imagine the vipers mentioned by Jesus as a race called the Reptilians, but my personal view is that since there is a record of biological evolution in human DNA, we should assume that everyone has the characteristics of the vipers within.

That means that we humans can be both gods and demons. That is the main reason why we humans are called the microcosm. Finally, in 2021, the divine intelligence began to detect that the human group that seemed to dominate the human world on Earth today was not a descendant of the demons that existed in the spiritual realm, but a being whose existence was based in the energy field of the Dark Side created by the Dark Energy of human beings.

Up until now in human history, the offspring of the sons of vipers who crucified Jesus have survived on their bloodline, but no matter how many times they switch mortal men and women, it will end at that day and hour.  However, if they left humans and fled into cyberspace, their malevolence could exist as if it were eternal. This mechanism was discovered by the heavens, and divine tools for the use and exploration of various hado began to be given to the Shinlogy Association.

It is heaven’s preparation to carry out what is called the Last Judgment. And the story of the atheistic universe that is going on right now will come to an end where humans will be divided into right and left, knowing that the matter of this universe is the result of the projection of Light energy and that matter itself has the will towards Light.






August 12, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo