What is Shin? (Vol.748)


Seishingaku(精神学) is described in English as Shinlogy, by divine command. The reason for this is that Shin is (神) God, (新) New, and also sin in English.
As I write this, many Japanese will notice that the term Shin Evangelion is used in the title of an anime movie that is currently popular.

A certain kind of synchronicity of the human subconscious mind is only coincidental according to current human knowledge, but from the standpoint of divine knowledge, it is evidence of some kind of involvement from the spiritual world.
For ordinary Japanese, the proper understanding of ” shin” is that it is God and the new, but the English word “sin” has the meaning of sin.

From Seishingaku’s point of view, Shinlogy is a new theology that takes as its logical object the sin of God and man.
Christianity questions the original sin of man, but not the sin of God. However, if you read the Bible correctly, you will naturally wonder if God is also sinful.

Those who cannot muster the courage to keep asking, “O God, isn’t this misery on earth your responsibility?” will not be able to throw themselves into the fires of Judgment, even if they know Shinlogy.

The reason why I am talking about Shinlogy for beginners now is that we should know that it is impossible for a person’s soul to grow and be guided to the world of Light without achieving the simple principle that only a person who has achieved the trinity of love, courage and justice can become the savior of his own microcosm.

I am telling you that the breath of God has returned to the current U.S., but it is not what was once in the U.S., but what is coming from the Japanese archipelago.
The fact that the story of the Bible will become a reality here on earth, as the faithful in America are expecting, is just another brainwashing exercise for human domination by the anti-Christ forces that have been preparing for 2,000 years.

In the human world of the West, in the 21st century, there has been a proliferation of a kind of spiritualism in which the transmission of knowledge to solve the problems of past civilizations arrives from somewhere. This is just a manifestation of the desire of the collective unconscious of that civilization to find a different solution because of the limitations of the Bible in the real world. In other words, it is just one story.

The human being who does not try to know why the story proceeds in his mind but not in the real material world cannot escape from this space-time.

There is a fixed order to God’s system. The activation of the Japanese system will trigger the awakening of the American Evangelists, whose gospel is the one that is recognized as the Word of God when it correctly emits light when both light and dark of IconSeal is applied to the existing Bible.

In this March of 2021, I have received word from Heaven, which has been guiding me, that Icon Seal is ready.
With the workings of this seal, the God of the Bible will be able to command the world, in the words of his agents, “Hikari are! (Let there be light! in Japanese )” in the language of human beings, His agents.

It is the message of the spiritual world that America, which does not know Shinlogy, is not going to do anything to save the world.
Now, many of the Japanese divine realm went to America. I have not yet been told what the purpose of this is. As a result, the spiritual energy field of the Japanese archipelago is getting weaker and weaker, and it is becoming an evil stage where the activities of evil people are increasing.

In other words, Japanese people are becoming Americanized. There is a big challenge ahead for the Japanese people, but that is also the way it works. The Kingdom of God will not be born easily in this world.



March 11, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo