Vol.780 Human brain into battlefield


Human beings are a microcosm. The macrocosm is the external material universe, which Shinlogy calls the narrative universe. If we assume that the external material universe, including the realm of the unknowable, is projected into the human microcosm, then most of it is occupied by dark energy.

As we reach the year 2021, God and gods  on earth are leaving one by one, or descending to humans.From this point forward, humans will carry out the battle between Light and Darkness that has been repeated in this universe in their microcosm, or rather, in their brains.

What is going on on Earth today is a program to discover the true nature of the evil behind the dark forces of this universe. It is the truth of the universe as Shinlogy knows it, that the story of God was also a way to bring human knowledge into this dark world.

I have already told you that there are three timelines existing simultaneously on the Earth today, and if the Last Batallion, orchestrated by Hitler of Nazi Germany, is to be released, there is data that should be resurrected at the same time. It is the spiritual data of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy.

Steiner is known as the man who predicted the crisis of Hitler’s time, and like Hitler, he also left behind a prophecy about Japan. Steiner died at the age of sixty-four in 1925, and his death is often associated with assassination.

For the dark consciousness attached to Hitler, Steiner was an enemy that had to be eliminated. The reason was simple: Steiner was trying to awaken the spirituality of each and every human being.

There are excellent researchers on Steiner here in Japan, so I won’t go into more detail.  However, in order to access data above and beyond the remaining documents, the Shinlogy Association has already been given a HodoSeal, albeit of Indian origin, of the area that Steiner’s term Akashic Records refers to. Steiner died in 1925 and Hitler ostensibly died in 1945. This means that humans will now be able to access the energy realm that was behind those two men.

In this 21st century, the world of games is expanding rapidly in cyberspace, and many people think it is just for fun, but the energy of aggression and hatred emitted by the game participants is directed at others and comes back to them, rapidly expanding the dark energy of the human world. In order to save human existence in such a critical situation, we need correct information above all else. It goes without saying that this information must be about hado (waves) and energy.

In Shinlogy, the ancient hado-like realm of the gods and demons of consciousness has already been clarified, and it is now recognized that there is something more outer space-like behind the malice that fills the earth today.There is no essential solution to the problems of human beings’ souls until we reach the dark side of the universe or its depths.
What Shinlogy is trying to pass on to the human world is how each human being can become a savior and erase the dark energy in their microcosm, but only by doing so can the victory of Darkness in this universe be stopped.

This universe materially exists with the theme of Darkness and Light. The theme is whether or not the Last Judgment will occur as promised on the human level today, and unless it is fulfilled, the Darkness will be amplified.  In other words, the darkness will place a heavy burden on those who are born after those who are living now.

This is an ancient knowledge, at least in the East, and it will remain as energy as long as the Darkness does not disappear. The Akashic Records, as Steiner named them, are not data after the Last Judgment either, so if you shine a light on them, they will be activated and the story will go on.

But if no one reads it, it remains as energy. Human brains are about to be given the ability to be that decipherer at this time.  The secrets of many of the psychic powers demonstrated by Rudolf Steiner are about to be disclosed to the human world through HadoSeals and other means given to the Shinlogy association, so that we can become warriors in the battle between Light and Darkness in our brains.

The sword of Light is the Light of the covenant given to the warrior.






October 21, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo