Vol.779 The Secret of the Future of This World


I have received a kind of permission from heaven to tell the human world that there are three timelines for the future of this earth, starting this year 2021.  So I’d like to share them here today.

One of the most commonly considered human futures is the one being carried out by a group of humans who are trying to make Bible prophecies a reality with their own interpretations.

This has been silenced by the mainstream media by labeling it a conspiracy theory, but it does exist in the information of the spiritual world.

The Shinlogy-wise proof of this is the IconSeal of the word Illuminati and the word Masonry, which allows ordinary humans to know that there is Hado in that realm.

The existence and activity of hado means that there is corresponding activity in the human world. This whole thing is the Kabbalistic space-time that I am talking about. In fact, there is something like a curse that Hitler placed on the spiritual world of the earth just before his death, and this Jewish vs. anti-Semitic energy confrontation is ongoing in the United States, Europe, and China today.

Here is how the ” Mechanism of Japan” in Japan corresponds to the battle between Jews and anti-Semites that I mentioned before.

The reason why it was placed in the Japanese archipelago is not because of the theory of Japanese-Jewish ancestry that has been talked about in Japan since the Meiji era (1868-1912), but because the promised land of the God of Israel, including the ten lost tribes, was located in the Japanese archipelago, and there is evidence of this in various parts of Japan.

A typical example of this is the Onto Festival still held at Suwa Taisha Shrine in Nagano Prefecture, where 75 deer heads are offered to the gods. The Moriya family has been the chief priests of the Kamisha Shrine, which is connected to the nearby Mount Moriya, which is linked to the Mount Moriah mentioned in the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac.

Here, the question arises as to why 75 deer were sacrificed, but the number 75 appears in the rituals of the Shirahito Shrine at the foot of Mount Ken in Shikoku. This suggests that the shrine’s ancient rituals were carried out by 75 myodo, or clan members, who were passed down from generation to generation, and that the existence of the 75 families had an important meaning.

The Shinmei Shrine is considered to be the inner shrine of this Shirahito Shrine, and it is said to resemble the temple ruins of Tel Arad, an ancient city in southern Israel.  So far, the Israeli Ambassadors to Japan have also visited the shrine, strengthening the image of Kenzan for the Israeli immigrants.

When we combine the story of the ten tribes of Israel arriving in the Japanese archipelago ahead of the rest of the world with the mythology of the Chronicles (Kojiki and Nihonshoki), the story of Takeminakata, who was thrown to the ground by Takemikazuchi and promised never to leave the land of Suwa, takes on a certain reality. The deity Amatsuki, who created the mechanism of Japan, arranged the deities and information in the Japanese archipelago in a way that ended the story of the Bible. Along those lines, the Okuninushi regime, which was descended from the same descendant, Susanowo, were the ones who went first.

Then, a later group demanded the Kuni-yuzuri (transfer of the land). This later group became the ancestors of the emperor.  But, mythologically speaking, at a certain point, the story of the emperor becomes the story of Emperor Ojin, who, like Jesus, was born as a Son of God.  This is a myth.

The purpose of this myth, however, was to preserve the crucial information in human history that Jesus’ savior gene was to be passed on as a male Y chromosome until human knowledge could analyze the meaning of this information.

The fact that this information is located in Japan means that there is a third path in the timeline of human beings living on the earth today: the one that forms the surface of the world today, which can be called the Kabbalistic space-time that I mentioned previously, and the Nazi-like one that opposes it and tries to absolutely prevent the victory of the Jews, and the third path that the god Amatu-tsuki hid in the Japanese archipelago.

The number of deer heads, 75, at Suwa Taisha Shrine in Nagano Prefecture, and the number of houses, 75, at Shirahito Shrine in Tokushima Prefecture, correspond to the number of relatives that Joseph, grandson of Isaac, invited to Egypt, according to the description in the Bible. Thus, now that the Earth’ s information barrier of the descendants is about to be broken, there is a high possibility that in the future these old data will rise to the surface and move to the side of human knowledge.  This will lead to the awakening of the human soul in the spiritual realm, as these things become objects of curiosity in the consciousness of many people. Japan is the only hope for the worldwide timeline.




October 14, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo