Vol.777 Japan’s Crisis is the Earth’s Crisis


In this article, I would like to explain what I know about Japan for the Japanese people who feel that they are in a crisis.
The earth outside the Japanese archipelago has long been a matrix world, sealed inside the narrative of the Bible. The starting point is here.

The word “matrix” comes from the Latin word for womb. In other words, the world outside of Japan is reading the Bible, the story of God, in the womb, waiting for the day of birth. Japan, on the other hand, was a country prepared by the consensus of the gods of the earth as a land where human beings who have finished reading the story of the Bible can live as human beings to receive the Last Judgment. This is the image of the earth behind the mechanism of the last 0.1% prepared by the spiritual world. The reason I am able to put this knowledge into words is because, as I have told you many times, in the spiritual world, the biblical era is already over.

However, in reality, in this world, human beings live according to someone else’s scenario, locked in a space-time that makes real the story created by the book of the Bible and several other books that have arisen from it. Strangely enough, Japan, which was not included in the matrix of the biblical narrative universe at its starting point, is now facing the most serious crisis.

The reason for this is simple: the miraculous success of Japan’s powerlessness after the defeat in the war, and the Japanese who became the minions of darkness have cut many of the barriers that originally existed in the Japanese archipelago to maintain the national identity.
These barriers actually define the subconscious of human beings. With the loss of such boundaries, the Japanese have come to feel that the values taught by the U.S. are superior to their own.

As we can see from the various developments surrounding the current imperial lineage, there is already no unification of the people in the name of the emperor. As if in response, many of Japan’s shrines are losing their deities. The reason for this is that the Japanese gods of the past cannot fight the conscious beings that are apparently connected to the extraterrestrial darkness that controls the human groups that rule the world today.

The solution known to the Japanese gods and the God of the Bible was to accelerate the awakening of Americans by leaving the unawakened Japanese archipelago, but at this point, the allied forces of Light of Japan and Jesus are still fighting, unable to land in the human world in the American continent.
What happened in the Spiritual World of Earth is also supposed to happen in the human world of this world, but what is blocking it is something that originates from the Dark Side of the Universe, unknown to the God and Gods of Earth. The American presidential election last year symbolized this, and many Americans who believed in the breath of God must have felt the defeat of justice as they saw before their eyes the wickedness of the system that has ruled the United States. But that’ s also an important lesson.

The presence of Jesus sent a breath of life to America, but it did not reach the earth, and we learned that the man-made nation of America had already built a strong wall to block the Light of God. And now in 2021, the human group protected by that wall is about to take over the Japanese archipelago.

If the Japanese archipelago is placed under the control of the Dark Ones here, the future of the Earth will be affected. However, this may also be a system. Because at this very moment, more and more people around the world are realizing that the Earth is closed to the space-time created by the Dark Ones.

The Matrix of the movies is the world of virtual reality, but the Matrix of this world is the real world. In other words, human beings today are still in the womb of the Matrix and have not been born correctly. And in order to be born correctly, they need to fill in their minds on how to complete the story that they are the Son of God and be born under the new covenant.

It is Shinlogy that tells this story to the human world, and those who learn it can make the Last Judgment a reality in their microcosm. It is the Last Judgment that is most frightening to the human group that now rules this planet and the Dark Forces behind it. Even if it is just one person, the Light can fight the Darkness. To awaken is to become the Light of that Judgement. To live as a human being is to become a Son of Man. The conclusion is that gods and goddesses must also become sons of man in order to bring about judgment. Although it may appear that the only way out of this matrix is to abandon your inner God and become a godless inhabitant of the universe, that is exactly what they are conspiring to do.




September 30,2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo