Vol. 775 Cyberspace War

Vol. 775
Cyberspace War


At the Osaka seminar on September 12, 2021, we tested the purification of mobile devices, so-called smart phones, by using Icon-devices that are compatible with pc and smart phones.What we found out was that mobile devices have already become powerful hado output machines.

A typical example of this negative energy zone is the world of video games. When we tried to use the “Cyberspace Electroencephalogram” Seal, which we created for this event by identifying the frequency of the game brain, in conjunction with a medium-sized light and dark Seal (stickers) on a smartphone running a war game, most of the participants in the hall were surprised by the malignant vibrations, and about half of them temporarily evacuated the hall.

The electromagnetic energy of mobile devices is scheduled to become stronger and stronger from 5G to 6G in the future, and considering the history of the granting of the icon seal to the Shinlogy Association, it can be assumed that the battle between Light and Darkness has already shifted to cyberspace.
On the side of human knowledge, it is said that the competition for military technology between the US and China has already shifted to cyberspace and outer space.

At the moment, even in the field of outer space, the Shinlogy Association is beginning to receive data on energy called Scalar Electromagnetic Hado. It is said that these hado were studied as weather and earthquake weapons during the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and the human intellect has always thought that knowledge of these hado did not exist in the spiritual world, which is mainly concerned with God and demons, but in fact, they do exist.

As a result of the ever-expanding realm of the battle between Light and Darkness in the human world, expanding from the earth to the universe, the universe as we know it today is limited to what can be explained by atheism, and I once called that space-time the Kabbalistic space-time.

The universe of thoughts that will keep us from being held accountable for Jesus’ crucifixion forever is what I call Kabbalistic space-time, where the Last Judgment will never happen as long as human consciousness is closed inside this space-time.

I consider this will lead to the realization of the phrase “science is the child of magic. In the human world that lies ahead, capitalism and communism, both of which have been created by Western civilization, are attempts to create an ideal human world based on the concept of monotheism, and will eventually be rejected as not being a path to divine knowledge.

This is a logical consequence.
People who reach this logical conclusion will be freed from the malicious universe that controls the information space of human society today. The earth today can be described as a virtual reality, an image-manipulated space-time, like the Matrix in the Hollywood movies. It is my understanding that it is not the current human brain that has created these technologies, but rather some  conscious beings that have access to the databases on the Dark Side of the universe. The gods of the earth, especially the gods of Japan, were unaware of these cosmic evil intentions. And, as a result of such attacks, the ancient wards protecting Japan are being broken and this is the state of Japan today.

What will happen to Japan when the shrine wards are broken? Many Japanese people will become attuned to the money-worshipping consciousness that rules the earth today. What lies ahead is Satanism. What is propagating Satan is not so much satanic desires, but rather electronic devices as terminals that amplify the hado of human desires that are already flooding cyberspace.

When an electronic device is like a capacitor, accumulating the energy of Dark Thoughts, it will eventually be transferred to the body of the person using it, like a static charge. When the human body senses this, it sends out signals complaining of various ailments, eventually leading to symptoms of illness, both physical and mental. In addition to this stress, the compulsive propaganda of the Wuhan virus, vaccines, and other stimuli of this era are leading many people to want to be manipulated by the unconscious mind to leave the problem solving to someone else. This is the state of the world today. It is nothing but the state of the end of the world.

In the past, Jesus told people to stay awake.
If the divinity of each human being is awakened in this age, this crisis will not be a crisis but a path to the fulfillment of the promise.

Because human intelligence already exists that can withstand the attack of hado that attempt to put the healthy consciousness of humans to sleep….




Sepember 16, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo