Truth of the Cross (Vol.762)

Somewhere along the line, a decision was made that it was time to tell the human world the true reason why the story of Jesus’ crucifixion was inserted into this world and the story of the confrontation between God and the devil was allowed to proceed over a period of 2000 years. When you know this, you will realize that every human being living on this earth today is living in the same era as Jesus.

The ones who brought about Jesus’ death on the cross were known as money changers in the temple at that time, who borrowed the name of God and exchanged real assets of gold and silver for fake bills of God that they made.

Jesus accused them, in the name of God, and left a record in history that what they took to be God was what stole God’s authority.

In 2021, with most of the problems in the spiritual world resolved, it was discovered that the reason for the continued increase of evil energy in the human world on earth is that there are countless other seed-like beings in the material or rather story universe that have the same root as the consciousness that we know as God or gods, but are different, and when they synchronize with human consciousness, they are connected to the data of knowledge in a certain area.

The knowledge of science and technology in human society today comes from this realm, and that realm is the logical system that explains this universe with atheism. The realm where this knowledge is located is the energy realm in the darkness, which in the story of God and gods is called the hell of the human world, and it seems that the data system that leads this universe to destruction is stored there. This energy realm and the realm of money’ s Hado exist in what I call the dark side, a place that exerts a strong force that defines the human world in its current form.

What forms the world today is a kind of order based on the power of money that is the result of the planning and manipulation of a group of people called international financial capitalists throughout historical time and space.
The financial capitalists in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus stole the authority of God, but today’s financial capitalist groups are stealing the authority of the nations. Further along in this trend, there is a movement to create a new digital money by stealing something like a monopoly of cyber space beyond the boundaries of the nations.

Beyond this flow is the completion of dominion and subjugation in the human world, and after that is the sixth destruction.
This is the reason why I wrote that the people living today are living in the same age as Jesus. Religions have been placed on earth to keep us from looking at this issue, but they should end their role as this knowledge comes to the surface.

At the moment, the order of this universe is under the rule of darkness, but it is a rule that is limited to the human world.
The reason this material universe is called a story universe is because in the past, God and gods fought for control of it, and after humans stole the authority of God and gods, the conscious beings who used humans as their vehicles have been shedding real blood.

This is the structure of the universe today, which is why I tell people that the Hollywood movie, Star Wars was created with some kind of intervention from the spiritual world.

And from those who are able to realize that the age of the Bible is coming to an end, there will be a will to free themselves from the controlling energy of money in the dark realm and escape. In order to guide them, the knowledge of hado will be given to the current human beings, and beyond that, new technology and science derived from the knowledge of Light, not the money mechanism that leads to monopoly and domination, and the money mechanism that liberates the universe itself will be prepared. Please be informed that the movement to create such a new stage for human beings has already started here in Japan.



June 17, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo