This World is a Demon World (Vol.645)


Apparently, the Japanese archipelago has entered the final stage of the Last Judgment, and is becoming a place where many Japanese people understand, in hado or energetic terms, that this world is a demon world, as I was taught at the very beginning.

It is a general phenomenon that the hado’s emitted from human beings are getting worse and worse, and that even ordinary people are experiencing mental abnormalities on a daily basis and are becoming more and more aware of their physical discomforts and unpleasantness.  The reason for this is the existence of a powerful dark energy behind the current world situation and domestic incidents, and the sense of crisis in Japan, which is being swallowed up by this energy. If this continues unabated, the Japanese archipelago will degrade its spiritual energy field to the level of the res of the world, and as a result, it should suffer the same fate as the United States and Europe.

The fate of the US and Europe, as I have described it here, is a reaction to the history of colonization of the world.  First, there is Europe, which is already facing racial tensions within its borders due to the fact that it is forced to accept immigrants from its former colonies.  Then there is the US. While they are building a wall on the Mexican border to stop illegal immigrants from South America, they are unable to stop immigrants represented by the Chinese who come to just have children, just to exercise their right to become Americans just because they were born in the US.  It is a reaction to our former success that they will soon face a serious loss of national identity.

After its defeat in the war, Japan has continued to suffer the repercussions of the actions of the Empire of Japan, which foolishly imitated the developed countries of the West and at one point adopted a foreign strategy of acquiring colonies, through the anti-Japanese propaganda education of neighboring countries and the activities of other people in Japan who are said to be anti-Japanese.
The US has been allowing this to happen.  However, the emergence of an enemy more powerful than Japan has forced the US to reconfigure its post-war order, and this is a problem that cannot be easily solved.  In other words, as a result of the crushing of the Empire of Japan, which opposed the white man’s domination of the world, the white civilization of the U.S. and Europe is now facing a civilizational turning point due to non-white people other than the Japanese.

And the world today is ruled not by a group of Caucasian nations that used to be called the Western powers, but by a group of people who have the right to issue money that is above those nations. The future that is being created there will be a handful of dominant groups and a majority of sheep-like people who follow them.

As I write this, you can also see that the experiment is already underway in a country with a population of billions, controlled by the Communist Party.
This world is a demonic world. However, there are many stages in the demon world, and this Japanese archipelago is still in the demon world located near the uppermost world of Light. There are anti-Japanese pawns of the demonic world in various fields who are trying to bring this Japanese position down further.

They appear to believe that they are the voice of social justice, but in fact, they are people who have sold their souls to the devil, in my opinion, by transferring the demonic world into their brains.  This type of person emits a unique hado, or in other words, a dark energy. Not only atheists, but also many religious people who talk about God emit this kind of energy, which is the state of this world.

As a result, much of the information flowing on the surface of the world is tainted with the values of a “death is the end” civilization. This information, or data, actually has an evil factor built into it, and many people’s consciousness and bodies are contaminated by it. Even now, the energy is enormous.

The question that lies beyond the title of this article, “This World is a Demon World,” is what will happen when we enter the age of 5G, which is said to increase the amount of info-communications in this world tremendously.  I believe that the purifying power of the ordinary human brain and body will not be able to cope with the abilities that have been endowed upon them.

The theme beyond that is whether current science and technology can solve that problem, and in order to conduct such a thought experiment, the knowledge of Shinlogy that raises each person’s consciousness to a level above the demon’s world should be useful.





March 21, 2019

Seki Tetsuo