The time to Shirasu (Vol.393)


What I am going to disclose today is some data from the Spiritual world, which is the essence of the Japanese system.
It is the divine truth. At the same time, it is information that is the doorway to the entrance of human knowledge that leads to, not false testimony of human history, but the truth.
The opening of the real Iwato (rock door) in the human world is opening of the gates to the system of knowledge that the divine truth and the truth of the human world are one and the same.

“The Final Knowledge” states that both the Bible, the holy book of Christianity, and the chronicles, which are myths of this country, were prepared by the same divinity for that Day and that Time.
Since this June of 2014, the entire planet has moved to the next stage, and I am now allowed to transmit this information onto the human consciousness.
The information is that the Japanese archipelago is the only place between heaven and earth that is prepared to be the Nakatsukuni, or the depression of Amaterasu’s will or the divine world.
The other nations on this planet are the lands of the earth, or the lands of the roots in Japanese mythological terms.

I wonder what would have happened if Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who developed the theoretical background of the French Revolution with human knowledge, had known about the concept of “Hatsukuni shirasu sumera mikoto” in this country.

This tremendous historical “if” is now underway in the world of human ghosts that’s what I can get to know at least. It is a special layer of energy that I call the Freemasonry Ghosts Realm that has been in progress since April 12th of this year.  Light has reached them, and what their goal was has been disclosed.  The result, as I have been telling you for a long time, is that it has become clear once again that Freemasonry has a light side and a dark side.  At the same time, their Ghosts Realm understood that the human group that controls the world today is aiming for the dark side.

I have repeatedly conveyed to the consciousness of human beings in this world the information of the Spiritual world that the Meiji Restoration failed because it was a false opening of the  Iwato (rock door).  The most important value of this country is that it is a place where all the data is sealed so that when the era of rule by force comes to an end, humans can move on to the civilization of the Kingdom of God, modeled on the heavenly realm. The time that has passed since the defeat on August 15, 1945, until today, is that the final program to bring this country almost under the control of Freemasonry was prepared for that purpose.   This year 2014 marks the 69th year since the end of World War II. However, for some time now, according to data from the spiritual world, there will be no 70th year after the war.

In other words, this country will escape from the brainwashing system of GHQ that has continued until today by 2015. What lies ahead is not a return to the Meiji Constitution. As a result of the Meiji Constitution, the path was set to annex the Korean Peninsula and expand into mainland China. That is, in my opinion, the Freemason Constitution linked to the Black Ships. Of course, the Constitution we have now is also a Freemason’s. So, what should we do? If Japanese people in general do not have intellectual power from now on, this country will die.  The problem is solved when we realize that the source of that intellectual power is, in fact, our language.

The spiritual world is working to make these things a reality.  Some events are beginning to occur in the world affairs that may possibly be influenced by them. The three disasters that occurred in the Japanese archipelago, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and Fukushima in 2011, were Nakatsukuni’s programs as the will of heaven. Eventually, more and more people will come to know about it. The reason I announce all of this now is because the time has come for this country to change, and then the world to begin to change, using this country as a model.





June 5, 2014

Seki Tetsuo



Nakatsukuni* means the middle or central country, and “tsu” is a case particle in Kamigata Japanese, equivalent to “no” in modern Japanese.


Hatsukuni shirasu sumera mikoto, it originally had the meaning of “The imperial majesty who first ruled the land.”