The Prophecy of Kojiki (Vol.13)

September 11th is steadily approaching again this year. Now we are in September of 2006, and time has passed since that event that broke the kekkai (barrier or force field) of the United States.
There is some information about the prophetic character of the ancient book that I finally got permission to write from ‘the being governing me’. It is about the Iwato-Biraki, that Hitsuki-Shinji (Sun and Moon Divine Revelation) points out that the Iwato-Biraki in the Kojiki(Records of Ancient Matters) in which the gods deceived <Amaterasu> so to speak, is incorrect.”

It could be said the claim what came out of the Iwato, which was opened in an incorrect way, is not equal to the real <Amaterasu> divinity.

Now remember that Commodore Perry of the Black Ships, who opened Japan to the outside world, was a Freemason.
If we look at this history from the perspective of the prophetic nature of the Kojiki, we can contrast the opening of Japan to the Iwato-Biraki.

The gods continued to send out warnings to human beings in this country where they were forced to open the door not by their own will, but by external pressure. Tenrikyo and Ohmoto-kyo both spoke of the danger of Japan being dominated by evil foreign gods.

The Meiji government suppresses these movements by force. On the other hand, the contradiction of imposing a state Shintoism conceived by human minds on the people to promote modernization has given ground to the geopolitical expansion that failed in the era of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, annexing Korea and expanding into mainland China, by the illusion of Japan and Japanese people with special value.

The Hitsuki-Shinji is pointing out that what comes out of the Iwat, opened in an incorrect way, is a story that turns that flaw into reality.

Do you see that? The Meiji Restoration was a mistaken Iwato-Biraki.

The Ohmoto shin-yu (sacred scripture of Ohmoto) of the Meiji era clearly predicted at least World War II and Japan’s defeat. After that, before Japan’s defeat in the war, the Hitsuki-Shinji replaced the Ohmoto and transmitted information from the divine world.  What is claimed there is a prediction that the correct Iwato-Biraki will begin in the future. It is a prediction that the Japan of Kojiki will end and the Japan will re-start  with a new Iwato-Biraki.

Nobunaga Motoi, the man who rediscovered the book Kojiki, did not have any divine ability or contact with the gods.

However, for some reason, he believe in some  kind of energy. The energy that made many people believe in the divinity of this region of Japan, as well as Nobunaga Motoi, is not yet gone.

So, what part of this article  is a commentary on the prophetic nature of the Kojiki? According to the rules of the Spiritual world, this is the limit at the moment that I can tell you. From here on out, you will be able to figure it out with the passage of time.

Please look  carefully at the U.S. today, Japan today, and the world affairs in the future.
Where is this earth heading to? Are we being pulled by several opposing forces, crying out for God at the top of their voices, to a godless land?


September 9, 2006

Seki Tetsuo