The Problems of Self (Vol.209)


Life is a strange thing, and unless you prepare yourself well enough, you will never meet your life’s purpose. A person who has learned a whole lot of Shinlogy  finally realizes that the rules of the Spiritual world are that his previous problems are simply stumbling blocks to himself. After a year of SBM (Shinlogical Body Method) training, I discovered that there was a new door to knowledge in the Spiritual world that I had not expected to be opened to me.

With this disclosure, the world, the human world, will move to a new stage. As usual, from the dark consciousness groups that will be forced to leave because of it, there is a fierce repulsive energy directed at all humans who are trying to be awake.

The energy of the Anti-Christ is already filling the earth, as promised in the Bible. I have been responsible for dealing this energy all alone, since 1991, narratively speaking. What I feel now is that the energy of the anti-Christ in this world has reached saturation point. It can be said that this is a level that can be endured by a healthy person with a healthy consciousness and the proper knowledge.

The energy of the anti-Christ is transformed into demonic emotions within the human being, and creates a very clever system in the brain that subconsciously drives the human being. A person who is unaware of this will never be able to see the devil or the demonic realm as a problem within himself or in his own microcosm.

It is impossible to eliminate what cannot be captured.

Stories of Light and Darkness will endlessly continue inside these people.

In the process of learning Shinlogy, most people come to the understanding that the reason why they are interested in the spiritual realm and the reason why they are expecting spiritual abilities is because their life is not as they want it to be.

However, they seem to have a hard time coming to that knowledge.

Unfortunately, as long as the arrogance of being a Son of God is in your subconscious mind, you will go through the absolute ordeal of becoming a little one, in order to become a Son of Man. Many of these trials are accompanied by financial suffering. In addition, most souls go on to experience mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia.  This means that they take even greater risks due to the itinerant work they have done in the spiritual field and the repercussions of the spiritual energy they have unconsciously used.

The human soul continues to appeal to us by sending out various signals, including physical illnesses, in order to raise the purpose of our soul to consciousness. If your body decides that your soul doesn’t belong to it, it will try to eliminate the soul before it shows symptoms of illness. Today, we live in an era unlike any other, in which most of us are at risk of developing a disassociative disorder due to the increasing divergence between what Shinlogy  calls “body consciousness” and ourselves as we exist in the universe inside our brains.

However, my fellow SBM students and I have experienced that the answer to this crisis, which the human species has yet to encounter, seems to have been prepared in advance in the possibilities of human beings as creatures.

For now, it should be noted here that there seems to be data in the physical information system called human DNA that is responsible for the final processing of spiritual energy. That is why God, a body of conscious energy that has shaped the history of humanity, had to stay involved with human beings.

The world is now in the midst of a movement to seek a different balance of power from the monotheistic world domination structure, such as the end of the era of the Anglosphere, which ruled the seven seas and made huge profits in India and China, and the revival of the Indian and Chinese cultural spheres. The true role of Hinomoto is for the Earth from here on out, but unless you awaken, you will not be able to play that role.
I would also like to report that I have received messages from the gods of India asking me if Japan is awake yet.

The fact that the world is facing the crisis of the collapse of money and the fact that many Japanese are sickened by money are problems of self on a global scale.
It means that it’s also the last-one-thousandth  of the system.



 October 29, 2010

Seki Tetsuo



Hinomoto is the old name for Japan and it literally  means  “Origin of rising Sun.”