The Olympics and the Japan Crisis (Vol.767)


With the timing of this 2,021st year, the shrine kekkai (spiritual barriers) in Japan, which were previously uncontaminated by Gaikoku Akuma (foreign demons) , have been cut here and there, not only in Tokyo, and it seems that the hado have already changed in some shrines.

Shrines that have lost their divine energy will also lose their ability to purify themselves from the greed of the human world, resulting in various troubles. This is a change that even people who are not familiar with the spiritual world will notice, and it is a warning that is being issued to all of Japan.

The kekkai  that protect Japan, which were created after the Meiji Restoration to take over the wards of the Tokugawa Era, have protected Japan after the defeat of the war, for better or worse, but it seems that the time has come for them to collapse. This indicates that the reoccupation of Japan is being planned by certain malevolent Gaikoku forces who want to complete the system of Japanese domination in conjunction with the Olympic event, and by a group of human beings who consciously cooperate with them in Japan in a way that responds to them, and who know the spiritual energy very well.

Tokyo, in particular, seems to be an attractive city for globalists who are looking forward to the post-war global economic turmoil caused by the worldwide Wuhan virus pandemic and are trying to attract investments from the US, Europe, and China. At that time, the masters of Japan may change.

The world’s system of money domination is already complete, and the only remaining place is the Japanese archipelago, which is the state of the earth.

Looking at this from the perspective of the spiritual world, it also means that the Japanese archipelago is ready to become the final battlefield with the activation of the Japanese system.

Needless to say, the wards of the gods and goddesses in the Japanese archipelago are completely powerless against the invasion of the Akuma of Gaikoku, accumulated by the 20th century war and subsequent space development and so on.   The main reason for the delay in the invasion is that it took until today for their Akuma system, which they put in place to brainwash the Japanese people after the defeat in the war, to succeed in changing the Japanese people’s consciousness. In addition, it seems to me that for the group of people who control the world, last year’s U.S. presidential election has made them aware of the system of control of the have-nots by the handful of haves that they have been preparing for a long time, which has made it necessary for them to accelerate the overall schedule.

That’s why they must hurry to get the last land, the Japanese archipelago, under their control.

Nowadays, Japanese people are beginning to sense, even if unconsciously, a kind of fishy smell behind the modern Olympics, which is a festival of world peace, and after the Tokyo Olympics, there may be an awakening from the 3S brainwashing that has been promoted after the war.

The 3S policy is, of course, the policy of fooling people through screens, sports, and sex, and if you look at it another way, the Olympics can be seen as a symbol of this policy.

Today’s average Japanese do not have awareness that the group of people who dragged pre-war Japan into the quagmire of the Sino-Japanese War and started the war against the U.S., and the group of people who are implementing the strategy to force governments to lose their freedom of economic policy and shift to a new economic system through the Wuhan virus pandemic, are the same people.

But in the spiritual world, the battle between those who were behind them and the Light side is already over.  In this material universe, or as we should call it, the story universe, the battle between Light and Darkness is about to become a reality in the microcosm of each and every human being living on this land in the Japanese archipelago.

If the previous Tokyo Olympics was like a declaration of Japan’s return to the world after its defeat, this Olympics may be like the opposite, a signal to begin its exit from this world.
In any case, the path of those who are awakened and those who are ruled blind will be divided from here.




July 22,2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo