The old people who spew their toxic words (Vol.321)


The phrase “life is victory, death is defeat” is the fate of modern medicine and its attitude toward human beings. But now it seems that the elderly people of Japan have also become something that lives in this world.

The future of the current capitalism, after its eventual death, is medievalization as a cycle of spiritual culture, which is what I have been telling you for a long time.

It is nothing more than a culture of memento mori, or “think death,” born of reflection on human arrogance. Like the Medieval period in Europe, the same period in Japan saw the emergence of several religious denominations offering new ways of salvation by people who continued to think about the world beyond death.

There is a possibility that something terrible is going on right now in the minds of the elderly who are approaching death without looking at it. It’s a circuit in their brains that amplifies their anger at life not being the way they want it to be to an infinite degree, and then turns it all around to be someone else’s fault and spits it out as a lot of toxic words. If a person continues to do this, he or she will dye his or her microcosm the colors of hell.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, part of the human program is to define our own sins.

Nowadays, we can see in those old people the path of leaving to the hell that they created with their own sins. I have seen this dangerous brain run amok in my own relatives.  The burden on the people around the old man with dementia is drastically different from the burden on the old man with dementia who is still a good person and the one with dementia who is a maniac who loses his temper at the slightest thing. And my experience has shown that in such cases, the consecrated oils I create can help them move their emotions in a more human direction. When we consider the spiritual value and meaning of anointing, which was created by Christian civilization, we can understand from the results that those approaching death need to prepare their bodies to accept death.

Considering that human beings have emotions, which are the output of electrochemical reactions produced by the brain, the organ of the body, the energy produced by the brain forms the spiritual field of the microcosm of each individual. Furthermore, you will see that the energy of all humanity collectively forms the spiritual field of the earth.

This is because not only the number of human beings has increased, but the absolute amount of information that stimulates human emotions has also increased, and with the aging of the population. And there is an energy of anger that is generated from a defect in the brain’s circuitry itself.

For those of us who know Christianity, the term that comes to mind is none other than the Day of Wrath. And this is the change that I am perceiving, in 2013, the amount of spiritual energy produced by the human brain is rapidly increasing.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that humans have begun to evolve to acquire new abilities. Meanwhile, it also increases the risk that more and more people will be damaged by the negative energy output of others, while at the same time endowing humans with what used to be called psychic powers, such as telepathy.

We have been shown the only way to solve these problems.
It is common knowledge to those who have studied spiritual energy that the anger energy of the elderly is not unrelated to the damaging back pain of many people involved in caregiving. So, please think again about what it means that there is no prophecy hereafter. If we are already entering a world where we cannot survive unless we are reborn while we are still alive, it means that there is not much time left for anyone.



January 18, 2013

Seki Tetsuo