The Light of Judgement (Vol.352)


This August 2013 is a critical time of transition for the spiritual world in this country, and so far, the movement seems to be proceeding without any major disturbance.

Much of the data that once existed in the layer we call the divine realm of this country has already been consolidated in the book of Final Knowledge, and other data has been converted into the written data of human knowledge, beginning with this Hikarimonjyo  (Light Document),which does not require an energy field. Furthermore, even older data of the earth was accumulated in the place called the Japanese Islands, but this is also shifting to the side of human knowledge, not only through the old history and ancient biographies that existed in the past, but also through comprehensive recognition with modern geological knowledge.

Ultimately, Shinlogy has played a role in opening up a path that humans have never had access to before, which is to reveal where the truth lies by comparing the data as energy of the Spiritual world that existed as divine knowledge with the myths and religious knowledge that remained on earth as human knowledge. The path was only possible because of the special language system of the Japanese language. The Japanese people and the Japanese language are much stronger than ethnic DNA, which is what gives rise to their spiritual and cultural characteristics. Paradoxically, anyone who is born and lives in the Japanese archipelago and speaks Japanese, regardless of skin color, will become Japanese.

This world is the result of Anglo-Saxon world domination, and its order exists. It can be called the English world. The Japanese language, on the other hand, is so unique that it can never be globalized in its present form.

However, considering that the yamato-kotoba (the ancient Japanese) was once the language of the divine world, it is highly likely that the Japanese language of the future will be established as the new language of the spiritual world as the human consciousness of the earth continues to grow. The reason for this is that the Japanese language has infinite possibilities for the free combination of ideograms, phonograms, and other symbols.

The reality is that human consciousness has defined the present world in each individual’s microcosm. This means that the language we use also defines the realm of existence, or the spiritual field, of our souls. Until now, it would seem that human beings’ souls have been governed by these rules, and by the space-time in which the afterlife also existed. There is now a major change occurring in that place that should be called the ghost world after death. I have repeatedly mentioned that the human world and the ghost world are already in the same place. However, now, the energy of light is being supplied to the spiritual beings of afterlife. So what’s happening is the activation of spiritual data. In terms of human knowledge, it can be brought into existence through visual data that does not depend on a language system.

The boundaries that were created by language are no longer there. I recognize that this is one of the necessary conditions for the Last Judgment of the human soul. The history of human beings has been that they have interacted with God through words. Many of those human words have been lies. If the light of judgment is to present the evidence of that perjury, then all of history has been necessary to reveal that sin. The day may soon come when those who have sold their souls to the devil will know this.





August 23, 2013

Seki Tetsuo