The Law of Miracle (Vol.714)

This is likely to be this year 2020, when spiritual energy and scientific knowledge, that has advanced to deny its existence so far, come into contact again. Because of this,  you cannot cope with the changes that will take place in a human society in the future unless you assume  that the entire rule of the current earth would collapse, and that’s  what I’d  like to announce this time.
From the spiritual world’s point of view, the world today is effectively owned by a group of money-grabbing humans. And the human group is seen to be divided into two groups: one that believes that there is no God or gods, and the other that serves a demonic entity that is against God or gods. The US-China confrontation in the human world today is a conflict between these two human groups. Just imagine that for the spiritual world’s  perception there is only a difference between being atheistic and being the anti-Christ, thereby both are nothing more than forces of darkness.
In Japan, the former war was called the Greater East Asia War, and in post-war Japan it has been called the Pacific War by GHQ. In that war, the Japanese people, who opposed racial discrimination and had the idea of liberating their colonies, were abandoned by the Spiritual world, and as a result, they became what they are today. This was a turning point from the Meiji Restoration, and also, it was one of the goals of Japan’s pursuit of getting closer to the Western powers after it opened up under Western pressure.  And with that defeat, the de facto control of Japan shifted from the hands of some human group that profited from the Meiji Restoration to the hands of another human group that are now known as the defeated profiteers. Through this Hikarimonjyo (Light document), the Spiritual world repeatedly conveys the value of the male lineage, the only remaining male lineage among them, in the rediscovery of the Emperor’s Y chromosome. And I have told you again and again that another knowledge is in the  Bible and  that’s its raison d’être for transmitting this knowledge of male chromosomes.  The basis of Japan’s last one-hundredth-system is that it kept hidden the myth that the inheritor of Jesus’ Y chromosome was the one who would be the messiah. Based on this, the story of Emperor Ojin, Empress Jinko and the three Sumiyoshi gods in Japanese history, and the story of Usa’s Hachiman god was placed as an extension of that story.  The meaning of this is that a divine spirit calling himself to be Emperor Ojin descended on the land of Usa. This suggests that the nature of the spirit that descended was a tatari-gami (god of curse) like the Miwa God, as evidenced by the fact that the deity of the Ogami clan who worshipped the spirit was originally from the priest of Miwa Shrine.
And the fact that the present imperial family ostensibly has a narrative that can be traced back to Emperor Ojin by blood. It means that apart from the myth of Amaterasu as the ancestor, there is another myth hidden that corresponds to the biblical world of an emperor, the equivalent of Jesus, born between God and human.
The disclosure of knowledge that can bring the biblical era to the end, and it will never occur except Japan. Around the Meiji Restoration, some humans possessed by goddess continued to convey it repeatedly. This is what the gods and goddesses did in  this kuni (country). To achieve this, it was necessary for Japan to sink further into the bottom of the common darkness with the rest of the world once and for all, and also Japan’s step so far in the postwar period.
And at this time, when most of Japan is operating under the rule of atheism, electronic devices were born here in Japan, connecting this material world with the spiritual world.  What the effect  of these  devices  show is a grand story, that’s  this material universe, even at the subatomic level, may have particles of light and particles of darkness, and cause  of that a story may be carried on by their action.
Once  you understand, you’ll see the current state of the world was born out of the fanaticism of a monotheistic civilization that gave control of the earth to a chosen people in the name of God, the fundamental principle of what has  emerged colonialism to capitalism, and even communism, it’ll break down eventually.
If you suppose that  a single space-time as a shared place of human consciousness, when that space-time collapses, things cannot happen turn to they can possibly happen.That’s the law behind what I call a miracle. Therefore, IconSeal and idevices  will lead humans to a time-space that will make what was a miracle before  into a ordinary  thing.