The Last Square One (Vol.761)


In “The Final Knowledge,” there is a description of “going up one level and back to the beginning.”   I have made the journey of knowledge of going back to square one several times in my life.

This time, however, it became clear to me that the main source of the conscious being of Devil that arises from atheism is a field called the dark universe, and I came to the realization that the Darkness and Light that make this universe a place for stories originate from the concept of the universe, which is, in other words, the universe of blackness (or perhaps it should be called the universe of Darkness) and the universe of Light.

It means that my role on earth will not end until I solve this problem of macrocosm.

The current Shinlogical theme is that it is impossible to decipher the story of this universe without knowing what happened before the creation of the universe, and here I received information from the Black universe, the gist of which is that there are countless consciousnesses of Black cosmic origin floating around in this Material universe, and that this world exists as a devil’s cradle, so to speak.

And that this conscious being is capable of creating hado’ called Ki, Nen, Ju, Sou, Rei, and Ma. The information also includes the fact that almost all knowledge in this universe now originates from what I call the Dark side of this world, which leads to the Dark universe.

This is where the meaning of the myth given to me becomes important. In order to work in this world, I was given the divinity of Toyouke , and it seems that the purpose of his existence was to create a pathway to the universe of Light within this universe of stories.

Here I will disclose what I know about the emergence of this Story Universe, otherwise known as the Material Universe, that is, about the covenant about the beginning.

In this place, the universe of Darkness is allowed to proceed as it pleases, not with the opposing concepts of Light and Darkness, but with the story of the consciousnesses of God and the Devil, and the way it does so is that of the demon world, which I call the universe where anything goes. The universe of Light, on the other hand, must actualize the concept of God, created by the universe of Darkness, using only the rules of Light….

This material universe came into being through a contract, a covenant that cannot be known by the earth, or rather by anything inside this universe.  Because of this covenant, the material characteristics of this material universe are defined in the form they are now.  This is where the scientific knowledge that explains the material world as a dark universe, or as I like to call it, the demonic world, comes from.

Now remember what I said about this universe being headed for thermal death, and that it is the living system which is preventing the entropy from increasing.
The anything-goes universe that I am telling you about increases entropy and brings the universe to a thermal death, but the consciousness system created by life is also thought to have an anti-entropic effect in the universe.

The significance of the existence of the Shinlogy Association to prepare the way for consciousness to reach the universe of Light is that it was also meant to bring this knowledge to the interior of this universe.

We may declare that the Light has made a covenant for the completion of the story of the conscious being God envisioned on this earth, by bringing down the energy and knowledge necessary for the Last Judgment into the human being who became the hero of that story.

This should soon bring the story universe to the end of its stage role as the story of God.
Beyond that, the era of human creation of the promised world will begin. The knowledge that will create the age to come will not come from the universe of darkness. The future will be changed when this knowledge is given to the younger generation who have studied Shinlogy.



June 10, 2021 (the first year of Shiki)

Seki Tetsuo




Ki * (気) is the flow of energy in the body, called qi in China and prana in India.

Nen*  (Nen) is the body’s energy. Ki with human thoughts and feelings on it.

Ju* (呪) literary means “curse”. It is a religious magical spiritual energy that uses the energy

Sou* (想) conception; idea; thought

Basically, humans move up and down through three spiritual energy levels in their daily lives. The upper level is light, the lower level is dark, and the mood of the moment suggests the level we are in. The energy band called Sou is located in the upper layer. Ascending to the Light itself is a way to access this energy zone of Sou.

Rei* (霊) soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost

It’s the energy band of the human ghost world, and it’s the memory of the past.

Ma* (魔) demon; devil; evil spirit; evil influence

It’s the energy band for contacting the demonic world