The identity of God (Vol.743)


The essence of the ongoing battle between light and darkness in the world today is that of the Last Judgment. There, many people will see what is communicated in the Bible come true in this world, and God’s promises will be fulfilled.

I have already told you that Jesus has already returned and is working with the warriors of light for the awakening of the human soul. From this point forward, the story, as I perceive it, will be the story for completing the Bible story.

Even people who grew up in a monotheistic spiritual culture don’t know the God of the Bible. The people who are described as a prophet was merely entrusted with the word of God, and although Jesus called out “My God, My God ( , why have You forsaken Me?) “ on the cross, he did not see God, and neither did Moses.

However, God at the time of Moses showed such material power that He was able to give the Ten Commandments stone. Yet, Moses is not described as having seen God directly either.

I am telling  you that what is ongoing at the moment will bring the age of the Bible to an end. The end of the age of the Bible means the end of the role of the God of the Bible. In addition, there is a rule in the spiritual world that it is right for those who have completed their roles to leave. As can be inferred from this, the God of the Bible will be the last to appear and leave as the executor of the Last Judgment.
This is the divine conspiracy I have been repeatedly telling you about.

And what follows is the reason for this plot that I currently perceive to have existed for 2000 years. It led me to the conclusion that God, the Father of Jesus, also did not know the identity of the ruler of this earth who killed Jesus. The Last Judgment was promised, but it could not happen unless we know the identity of the one who is against God to judge. To put it in human terms, history up to the present day has been about bringing to light the beings that have ruled this earth before the time of Jesus and have opposed what is divine.

The Deep State, which was brought to light in the recent U.S. presidential election, has had the expertise to effectively control human beings for over 2,000 years.

Assuming that the source of their power is due to the spiritual energy from devil worship, and at the center is the Devil, who originates from the God of the Bible, then the being, God is must know who he is.

As far as I can observe the events until today, it appears to me, at least, that both Jesus and His Father God are working to find out exactly who the enemy is. However, from the information I have been given, it seems that the identity of the enemy is behind the rulers of the United States, and it will eventually be shown to the side of human knowledge in this world.

In other words, the time has come for human beings to know the reason why so many religious teachings have been transmitted to the human world since ancient times, but have not been fulfilled.

Most likely, with this disclosure, human civilization will move to the next stage. The horror of the crucifixion of Jesus, which has been created for two millennia to contain free human consciousness, will now be eliminated.

What I mean by divine conspiracy is that in order for this scheme to become a reality, living human beings have historically prepared souls for that final battle, souls that can become warriors of light because they lived and fought by the righteousness of God. This program could not be triggered unless the number of warriors were fulfilled. At the same time, the workings of the Spiritual world also affect people on the side of this world who are ordinary people, giving rise to groups of people who reproduce in this world what has happened in the Spiritual world. The catalyst for this was the assassination of JFK, which created a group of light warriors on this side of the world who discovered the massive evil system that controlled America and decided to fight it.

Now this story is about to enter its final chapter.

Shinlogy has from the beginning conveyed the involvement of a being who built all of this as a program in the history of humankind, and this will be proven true when the humans of this world have a proper encounter with the God of the Bible.




February 4, 2021(the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo