The Hado of Money (Vol.753)

At the Tokyo seminar on April 11, 2021, I had the participants experience the Hado* of money. To be more specific, I simply put a new 10,000 yen bill on the iconDevice and confirmed that it emitted waves, but most of the participants understood the Hado. However, most of the participants understood the vibrations, and they also understood that the Hado was the same quality as the Hado of the demon world, which they had learned that day.

Calling paper money “お札 – osatsu” and divine amulet   “お札 – ofuda” , the Japanese culture had made a choice of words, as if it had foreseen this day would come.

The data from the spiritual world tells the story that the Shinto symbols of Japanese shrines were originally placed on earth to contain the Light of God, and in order to activate them properly, IconSeal is given to the Shinlogy Association.

If you understand the vibrations of the human world, it is possible to understand or assume that paper money absorbs dark energy in the process of being used in the human world.  However, the fact that energy dwells even at the level of new bills means that there is a vibrational problem at the root of the economic mechanism of the world we live in today.  However, at least  I can predict that this time, the secret of the vibrations has shifted to the side of human knowledge, and a great change will occur.

I think it can be said that the whole purpose of the Shinlogy Association has been to publicize the fact that this world cannot solve problems that are not known to the spiritual world, but once known to them, the problems will eventually be solved, and this has happened many times in the past.
It was not the relationship between God and humanity that religious groups had been telling people about, but a tremendous task that involved digging up information that the earth had been hiding in the depths of darkness in order to solve the problems of this planet.  The biggest secret, it seems, is actually the secret of money.

This world is a Demon World, the data of the spiritual world points out. The secret of why this world has become such a solid demon world is in the waves of this money.
I have been telling people, as a prophecy, that the current economy on this planet is a Dark Economy, and that it must be changed to a Light Economy in order for human beings to live happily. Apart from that, I have also mentioned that the data from the spiritual world shows that the money that exists today is a creation of human beings.

Consider that the earth as we know it today has been recreated to keep this atheistic demon alive, and that the economic activities that exist now are being carried out for that purpose.
When more and more people come to understand that even paper money has the vibrations of money, there will be a change in the economy based on that money.

I would say there is no question that the vibrations in paper money are expanding infinitely wherever there is human conscious activity, to the numerical money in cyberspace, and even to the digital currency that will herald the currency of the next age. Apparently, we can assume that this is the root of the Dark Energy in cyberspace.

That’s all I understand so far.

What is going to happen is that the fundamental problem of the earth’s currency and the spiritual energy field will influence each other and something will change.
The spiritual world has recognized the issue of the Last Judgment, the Dark Energy that has filled the earth, and the waves of money that have come from these as a series of issues.

I should  say that it is time for human beings to think about what is needed to create a Light Economy and Light Money in this world.

Perhaps the heaven I know will not allow the earth to be further polluted by this Dark Economy. The people who will lead the fight will not be religious people or environmentalists, but creators who will challenge the attempt to unite divine and human knowledge.

This is all I can report for now, but the disclosure of the secret of the vibrations of this world is about to begin.



April 15, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo