The Founding of New America

〈明治百五十年に、何が終わるのか〉第十七回 (一部割愛) 

The message in Hikarimonjyo (Light Documents) Vol. 735 was delivered by Shinpachi Murata and a group of others who were part of the Satsuma Army in the Seinan War, the last Civil War in Japanese ,which began in 1877.

After the defeat of the Satsuma Army in the Seinan War, their souls were protected by the Spiritual world in a special state even after their death. They were resurrected as spirits, and some of them were raised to the rank of deities. Among them was a group that went to the United States. At the center of this group were the father and son, Shinpachi Murata, Iwakuma and Nizou. 

I (the recipient) took dictation from the message, those words were passed down by them, those who are still in the United States. 

According to this contact, I have learned that many resurrected soldiers of the former Japanese army are fighting in the United States. A number of resurrected soldiers from other countries are also in the war, or will be resurrected to join the fight. 

They asked me to tell the Japanese people more details about the contents of those words.

So, I decided to write about what they taught me as the 17th installment of “In the 150th year of Meiji, what will be the end?”

The message begins with words from the Bible. It is followed by words that evoke the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States.

In other words, the United States is now fighting a war for independence, rather than experiencing another Civil War that would divide the country. This is because the American national anthem is about the stars and stripes that were flown during the Revolutionary War against Great Britain. 

As soldiers who fought in the Seinan War, they understand, as they think of themselves,

what it really means that the country of America has made the Revolutionary War its national anthem.

Also, if you read the lyrics and listen to the songs, you can relive the War of Independence as images and sounds through the words. Their souls have the righteous Light inside them, so they are able to transcend time and space to obtain information about the time of the Revolutionary War.

With such experience and knowledge, the Satsuma Army members discussed and redefined the meaning of the American national anthem and flag as follows.

“It is those who have fought who become the stars of the Stars and Stripes, and when they become stars, they sparkle. The Star-Spangled Banner, therefore, has the significance of being hoisted high up in the sky.” This is mentioned in the body of their message.

The five lines at the end of their message are also words that they discussed and decided upon. The word “Lord” here does not refer to Jesus Christ. It is the “Lord” that has been referred to in the American Declaration of Independence.

For them, it is the “meaning of resurrection” and “one and only destiny” to move directly from the Civil War to modern-day America and complete the sacred battle entrusted to them by the Japanese divine world.

As they continued their crusade, they learned what “the Lord” was. It is the one who can create the world by releasing words. 

The being who protected the soul of the Satsuma Army after its death in battle and revived it in its 137th year described Shinpachi Murata as “the supreme intellect of Meiji Japan”. The being told me that “the covenants written in the American Declaration of Independence and National Anthem were sublimated by his intellect and spirit to reach these heights”.

This is evidenced by the words they entrusted to me. 



In the hand of the Statue of Liberty, a flame for holy war is lit

The Star-Spangled Banner, once a symbol of the states (stars) and independence from Britain (stripes)

became a sign of the people (stars) and the glow (stripes) they emit

And the stars and stripes, which were the sign of the states and their independence from Great Britain

A new flag shall be raised high in the sky

Hereby the Lord guarantees 



Thus, the founding of a new America was proclaimed.