The Face of the Dark side (Vol.764)

I was left with the memory that one day in June of this year 2021, I saw the face of a conscious being at the bottom of the darkest depths of this planet. I was further instructed to note that the face swallowed three times the Light with the Will of Judgment, which for some reason it had previously rejected.
I feel that this is a sign that the stage of the earth will change drastically from this July.

The world today is a place where the story of God has been progressing for about 2,500 years in order to put on the consciousness of the current human race what this universe was born for and what it bears, in other words, it is a space-time with a theme as the achievement of the knowledge of Shinlogy. It is my position and understanding that it was a time and space that knew the path of destruction. If we don’t solve this problem, we will continue to be locked in a cycle of warfare that will lead to World War III and, in the future, a war in space.

The starting point of the battle is the story of negative energy, that this universe began as a debt, and maybe, as a result, the electrons in this universe have a negative sign, and their counterparts, the electrons with a positive sign, have disappeared somewhere else.

I have already reported that the being who awakened me has no interest in the mathematics and physics of this material universe, but we should consider that the fact that human knowledge, which we call science, has finally reached the knowledge of Buddha about 2,500 years ago means that the purpose of the creation of this universe was to come to “that day and hour.

For the moment, I am beginning to think that I will be able to finish reading the story of this universe before I die. And then my microcosm will be free from the circular circle of this narrative universe.

The reason why the earth has been reluctantly playing the role of creating hell by trapping the souls of human beings living on the earth today in the depths of the earth is because it was promised that we would eventually be freed from this role.

In the past, God and gods told the conscious being that controlled the earth to give it back because they perceived the conscious being that was motivated to possess and control everything against the will of God and gods as the enemy.

The human world is no different, but the story is one of those that come from the same place but have a strong monopoly, exercising a certain kind of power and controlling everything. The story continues within the group of those with the same ability, as a repetition of the rise and fall, just like in human history. In other words, the human world was designed to repeat the story of the battles of the God, gods, and other conscious beings of the past on earth.

What will happen when these things move to the side of human knowledge?
What I understand is that there will be a solution to the problem of money inflation, which controls the current human world, which is defined by the mechanism of the inflationary universe.

Perhaps the age of money inflation will lead to a collapse in the value of money, due to its own tendency to expand.
The collapse of the value of money will be followed by the collapse of the earth’s ruling system. The promise of the Bible is that man will be freed from the violence of money. The symbol of the violence of money was the cross of Jesus. And if human knowledge realizes that this narrative universe was created to liquidate the huge debt of the dark side of money, then we may move to a new stage of storytelling.

I am currently working on some experiments with a HadoSeal given to the Shinlogy Association, and it seems to me that only the hado in the electromagnetic realm, which is the subject of current human knowledge, may be able to cope with the inflation of money.

Beyond this hypothesis, there must be a knowledge that will free humanity from money.





July 1st, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo