The Evil of an Innocent World (Vol.305)


The world seems, at least to me, to be in a state of anxious tension, foreseeing some great crisis.

In particular, the fact that the tax authorities in this country are focusing on overseas assets and the trading of gold and platinum, as if in response to the fact that people who have been at the center of the money game are shifting their assets to physical gold, indicates that the sense of crisis among the class who want to protect their money is imminent.

This country has gone through a bankruptcy after that defeat, wiping out almost all of the savings of the people. And it is expected that there will be those who will try to take advantage of that fear in the future choices of this country. The key to the political stability of this country will be whether the older generation of people who have what it takes, especially the baby boomers who hope that everything will be okay until they die, will be able to escape as they wish.

Certain human groups, who seem to control this money system, have expanded their power through the peculiarity of continuing their will to worldly dominion, generation after generation. As a result, the numbers that exist in the world of money are completely disconnected from the real economy.This money is speculating on oil today, and on gold today, through illusion and fear, and is heading for its end.Yet that money was only offered to bail out financial institutions that the state deemed too big to fail. Each and every citizen, who is supposed to be the master of the nation, neither benefits from it nor is bailed out, but is simply saddled with the debt of the future.

I believe that money is the greatest creation that man has ever invented or discovered. I just don’t sympathize with the way this world is, where a handful of people are the ones who get the fruits of it.Here I am, as the final runner up of what I have historically heralded as the need to fundamentally rethink this money system in order to rebuild it, I am aware that my role is to communicate the problems of this system to ordinary human knowledge. The essence of the information that I have repeatedly given, “Heaven has prepared this far, from here on, it is for human beings to do,” shows that in order for human beings to be freed from the money system of this world, they must prepare a new system.

Since it’s such a time of the Great Pass that a group of people with evil intentions to bring destruction and chaos to the world, by making biblical stories real for example. So, they will reveal themselves in order to prevent the creation of this new economic system.

And, as I perceive it, following the invention of money, the invention or discovery of derivatives is on the way to the demise of the paper money we have now. The fiasco of derivatives will bring all the nations of the world to the brink of extinction.

If those who orchestrated this scenario had the destruction of the nation as their goal from the beginning, their intelligence might even surpass that of God or the devil.

At least, that’s what the Spiritual world recognizes.

If each and every one of us simply thinks about what we can do at this moment to prevent the progression of the evil chain and evil scenario that this world is about to enter, something will change.





September 13, 2012

Seki Tetsuo