The End of the World of Atheism (Vol.749)


By the middle of March of 2021, many of Japan’s gods are returning from North America. Reports are coming in that they have succeeded in retrieving the ”Ark of the Covenant” from the depths of hell, which the dark forces of America took from the Japanese archipelago after Japan’s defeat in the war.

The reason why this happened is that the divine system in Japan was meant to complement the Bible, the book that created Western civilization, and the purpose of this divine system was that the spirit of Jesus, who died on the cross, descended to the land of Usa in the Japanese archipelago, and as Emperor Ohjin, one of the emperors in history, created the Hachiman divine realm together with his mother, Empress Jingu, and also created the history of the warriors in Japan. In the human world, the samurai have been influenced and involved in the shaping of history by the Hachiman realm, rather than the swords divine realm of the Japanese gods.

It should be understood that Europe and the Japanese archipelago were almost on the same time axis, which explains why the warrior clans became a powerful force against the Western armed colonization of the world. The reason for this is the dispensation of Providence or system, for the fulfillment of God’s promise.

There is also the secret of the Y chromosome, which is the secret of the Japanese male, including the story of how they have to go through many trials and tribulations in order to develop their savior abilities, just like Jesus, or Emperor Jinmu in Japanese mythology.

The description of the male lineage in the New Testament, from Abraham to Jesus, would be hollow without the historical fact that the emperor inherited the male Y chromosome of at least one ancestor to the present day.

At some point, the United States of America, which was supposed to be established by the new covenant between God and man, became the dominion of a group of men who ruled the human world with the power of money, and acted to militarily eliminate the Empire of Japan, which threatened their rule. They then dropped two different types of atomic bombs on the Japanese archipelago, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And, Japan lost the war. It is the data of the Japanese divine realm that at that time, Japanese history was set up so that the American military would discover on the Japanese archipelago something like the lost Ark, which had been passed down like a legend in Christian civilization.
But if you admit that, the next instant,you’ll notice that Jews who moved to the west, who became like the rulers of the United States, used nuclear weapons against God’s people of descendants of Israel who moved to the east.

Neither the U.S. military nor the U.S. ruling class could ever admit to such a thing.
This is the reason why the U.S. continued to inhibit Japan’s independence and self-reliance after the war to an excessive extent.

In order to shed light on the conspiracies of these dark forces, the divine light from Japan is now reaching the United States.
Though Japanese divine realm, which had remained silent during Japan’s war against the rest of the world, known as the Greater East Asia War, is now on the move.

What story awaits us beyond that? With the US presidential election, this knowledge is that the Satanists, and the group of people who control the money system that serves as their combat troops, were behind the darkness of the world until today.  This is the basis for the movement to end the atheist world.

As far as I know, the God of the Bible took two thousand years to establish the existence of a ruler of the human world who would continue to thwart this divine purpose.
During that time, the Last Judgment did not occur.

The true enemy that God has been searching for is now being identified. The time is approaching when both divine and human knowledge will know how they have continued to dominate human beings. When that happens, the world will be divided into the world before the Judgment and the world after the Judgment by the Last Judgment. That is the true nature of the covenant.




March 18, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo