The Devil on the Right and the Devil on the Left (Vol.637)


My impression that the wars between the devils on the right and the devils on the left have finally begun on this world stage is becoming almost certain.

It seems to be a fundamental part of Japan’s last 0.01% system that post-war Japan allowed itself to be created by the demonic forces that controlled the United States, which had overthrown the Empire of Japan in order to project this situation to the world. What I mean is that in order to dismantle the Empire of Japan, GHQ not only released the group of people on the left who had been put in prison before the war, but also purged people who had no reason to be exiled in order to entrust the education and labor world to that group.

This was not the intention of the communists or their sympathizers in the GHQ, but rather the intention of the US ruling class.  The current situation in Japan is the result of seventy years of the labor and education communities being dominated by groups of people who adhere to this leftist ideology. The group on the right can now be seen as a proxy for the U.S., and the group on the left is now a proxy for the Chinese Communist Party.

From a geopolitical point of view, the peninsula today is already part of the Chinese Empire’s sphere of influence, and a completely different era has begun from the Cold War era between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, when the North and South were divided. In a nut shell, it was the Jewish Russians who created the former Soviet Union, and the forces that sent Lenin to Russia on a special train were a group of people that today are known as international financial capitalists. By stopping the Jewish conglomerates in Russia from owning most of the industries in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin became a popular president in Russia and a hated figure internationally.

Likewise, at one point in time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) followed the U.S. dollar reserve system, which is the basis of the current world order, and was recognized by international financial capitalists as the next hegemonic power after the United States.

In my view, this was one of the results of the Chinese Communist Party’s contribution to averting the crisis by increasing government spending during the Lehman Shock, when international financial capitalists nearly stumbled due to their greed.

This world is now in the midst of that battle.
It is, frankly speaking, the final battle between the demons of the right and the demons of the left.

Japan’s domestic situation is a reflection of the global situation. In particular, the current political situation is shrouded in darkness on both the left and right. There is no glimmer of hope in any of the political parties, at least for now. I guess that’s just the way it works.

My hope is manifested in the general public’s support for political parties. The fact that almost a majority of the population does not support any political party is an indication of the health of the silent majority in Japan.

Many Japanese subconsciously know that both parties on the right and on the left are, in fact, emitting the same energy of evil thoughts.

This reality should lead to the awakening of many hitherto silent Japanese as the barriers that have robbed the Japanese of their sensitivity to vibrations are broken in 2019.

I have been telling you for years that a political season is coming to the Japanese archipelago.  The awakening of the Japanese people from the ōmitakara* will bring the divine government of

Takaamahara’s democracy to the Japanese archipelago. The battle between the devils of the right and the left is just the beginning.




January 24, 2019

Seki Tetsuo




ōmitakara* means the people governed by the Emperor, written as 大御宝 in Kanji, it literally means Large Honorable Treasure.


Takaamahara literally means ‘Plain of High Heaven’  It is the abode of the heavenly gods in Japanese mythology.