The day of Wrath (Vol.12)


August 29, 2006. I had a premonition that something was being communicated to the Spiritual world of the earth and that some kind of change was clearly beginning. In the midst of a violent thunderstorm, I detected in the lightning flashes a divine energy of the Takemikazuchi type that I was familiar with. No matter how many times I tell humans  that “the heavens are angry,” but they don’t  even notice. Are human beings really the Sons of God? I have had this theme from the beginning, and I still have it, but, at least in the mythology of the gods and goddesses of Earth, man is Son of God. However, humans are increasingly unaware that they are the Son of God. The relationship and the covenant between God and human, that religions  have conveyed, are beginning to change into the theme of a fantasy story world.

“The Final Knowledge” describes our universe as a narrative universe, on top of the steps of history up to this present time. Now, let me be clear, why is it that humans are positioned to be born into a universe of darkness, as vessels of the soul that encounters the story of God and grow in this material universe defined by time? Mythologically speaking, that is what it means to be  Son of God. It is a human privilege. If you are not Son of God, you cannot have contact with God. Furthermore, you cannot understand God, take over from God, or go beyond God.

It is obvious that the Final Judgment in the Spiritual world is already in its final phase. It is not a scenario of humanity’s catastrophe; in the Final  Judgment, humans will only be divided. The ones of light and the ones of darkness.

Those who learned  and overcame  the story of God and reach the universe of light, and those who left  in ignorance and blindness go to the depths of darkness….

This lightning bolt onAugust 29th was accompanied by such visions.


September, 1, 2006

Seki Tetsuo