The Day of the Beginning (Vol. 467)


On November 1, 2015, this country moved into a new stage, and several members of the Shinlogy Association seemed to sense it.

What stage have we moved to? I would describe it here as the next dimension of the age of the Bible.
What will change is that the Japanese spirit is expected to be freed from the yoke of monotheism.

For seventy years after its defeat in 1945, Japan studied the American democracy or capitalism as a model to be respected, which was a kind of achievement of monotheism.  However, it seems that the limitations of that model are only now being understood at the level of the general public.

However, the people in the mass media, government, and academia, who have benefited greatly from this system for 70 years after the war, have not been changed at the level of deep psyche.

The conflict between the groups of people who made such a profit and the groups of people who lost out in the aftermath of the war may destabilize the society of this country in the future.

However, many people have already decided, and there should be a rediscovery of Japanese civilization underway, in which the spirituality of this country before the Meiji era is directly related to the values of the people of the next age of the Bible.

If you look into the reasons why the Meiji era was so successful, it becomes clear that it was because of the Edo-style education.
It is time for the Japanese people to start realizing that their education has been westernized and changed to modern ideologies such as capitalism, socialism, and communism, and the results are directly related to today’s problems of school devastation and bullying.

The Chinese civilization, which created a system for young people to devote themselves to their studies through the “keju (imperial examination) ” system, has created a purpose in life that is different from the values of life created by the Japanese language brain, such as scientific curiosity and the daily passion to improve the world in a specific way.
It is a way of society where the purpose of life is to do good for oneself or one’s family.

The historical significance of monotheism up to now is that it has played a role in changing such social values into something universal for human beings.
Before the war, many American missionaries entered the Chinese mainland to spread Christianity, but as a result, it was the materialists who took over the whole of China.

This form of civilization, which has repeatedly rewritten history with each new dynasty, has inherent in its behavioral principles the nihilism that power is everything.

As a young country with certain assumptions about the old Chinese civilization, the U.S. may have found common ground with them in the money universalism that lies beyond their nihilism, but they are about to find out that it is something decidedly different.

There are two kinds of money concepts in this world. One of them is brought forth by human creativity.  The other is that which is obtained by violently taking what others have.
The Spiritual world repeatedly tells us that there is more than a difference in the social concept of money between these two types of money.

If you properly understand the workings of the spiritual world, you will see that money stolen from others leads people to hell.  American civilization should have known this at one time, but greed has made them forget it.

It can be said that the American civilization is losing its creativity to create something out of nothing.
The final piece of the puzzle in Japan is nothing less than the flowering of human creativity.

I believe that the door to do so was opened on November 1.




November 5, 2015

Seki Tetsuo