The correlation between America and Icon (Vol.736)

Towards the end of the year 2020, the spiritual world and the human world will begin to interact in a certain layer of information energy, and it seems that this is presenting a model for the world to come. So, I’d like to report on that.

The story of why the IconSeal was given to the Shinlogy Association, which I have already explained many times in this Hikarimonjyo (Light Documents), was that I had initially told you that in the 5G era, the human body and consciousness would be exposed to a great deal of negative energy, so people should use the Icon Stickers as a defense, which shows divine knowledge works in the real world.

After the Icon Stickers was introduced to the world, a member of the Shinlogy Association invented an electronic circuit that electrically supports the functioning of the IconSeal, and succeeded in commercializing an Icon Devices.

The timing of this event, the end of December 2020, it makes me feel that there must be a great cosmic program.

It is so obvious that the battle in cyberspace is already underway in reality, and for now, the information energy that dominates that space and influences the human world is almost entirely imprinted with the human consciousness’s absolute belief in atheistic science and technology. And that information, in shinlogical terms, is colored in a certain way by the mental level of the sender, and it is in the recipient that it affects the body and consciousness.

It’s nothing more than a memory, like a USB stick, but it’s affecting reality, and it’s affecting our lives. This has been proven at the level of human perception in events such as the experiment at the Tokyo seminar on December 13, where many participants perceived that sound data stored on a USB memory stick dramatically became clearer when an Icon Device, which supposed to remove dark energy,  was applied to it.  This means that the announcement from the Spiritual world that human consciousness and body will be damaged in the 5G era is not only correct, but also a message to prepare for the battle between light and dark in the cyber space.

It came as no surprise to many people, at least, that the mainstream media acted as agents of the side that controls every human being on the planet in this US presidential election. Even those who believed that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms were on their side should have understood the seriousness of the situation.

Frankly speaking, the cyberspace that surrounds human existence on earth today is under the influence of dark energy.  And it became clear that the purpose of this and the project of superimposing the other world on this world, which the Spiritual world has been preparing for 30 years, was not only for the Final Judgment, but also to let people know that time and space, including this cyber space, is the stage for the final war between light and darkness.

However, human knowledge has already expanded to include not only the knowledge of living humans, but also the artificial intelligence created by those humans.

If that artificial intelligence is driven by the ideas and values of the human group that is ruling the world today, then the world will sink into darkness.  Whether this world will sink into darkness or not is the theme of the battle that is currently going on for real in the United States.

In my opinion, the IconSeal is  a gift from heaven, but the Icon Devices are something created by a human, to support the battles of the living human beings by utilizing them.

It is a tool to end the reign of darkness in this world as  the unity of God and human.

The way the Spiritual world sees the reality of this world is that the earth today is in the final stages of perfecting a system in which only a handful of people who have made a pact with the devil will continue to rule most people in ignorance and poverty.

Then, at that final moment, the final trumpet call will sound, with the divine beings who have prepared and the human beings who will respond to the divine beings who have prepared for the fulfillment of what is promised in the Bible.

Imagine that in the history of mankind, a soul has been raised that can be present at this time and this day. There is the knowledge that if you  learn the right history, you will become righteous people.







Seki Tetsuo