The Concept of the Universe of Light


In this material universe, the phenomenon of life activity was born on earth almost as a miracle. And through the evolutionary program of its DNA, life on this planet has come to exist as a human being with the capacity to recognize and understand the entire material universe.  There is no disputing the fact that the human brain has evolved rapidly through language. And even today, we live with only a few percent of the brain’s potential.

From here on, it is almost a matter of philosophical speculation.
Has modern civilization increased the area of the human brain that it can utilize?

The manifest consciousness has undoubtedly been strengthened, but this does not mean that more information is now available to the manifest consciousness. The human brain, through some kind of survival instinct, has a system of blocking the transmission of information that would undermine the dominance of the manifest consciousness, or what is called the ego, and it works anytime, anywhere.

By making this blocking system much stronger than that of Stone Age man, much stronger than that of ancient civilizations, modern humans are creating their own internal mental stability. Unfortunately, this is not an act of increasing the area of the brain that can be used, but only of decreasing it. There is an absolute evolutionary rule in DNA that makes life work. It is a rule of diversity to test all possibilities and efficiency to use what is available without waste.

Could it be that what we are doing to our own brains today is a suppression against these laws?
The human brain has much more potential than most people think, and the concept of a universe of Light can only be understood by assuming an evolutionary program to utilize the potential of the brain.

Although we are not Einstein, we can say that we are the object of creative thought, asking ourselves if God would do such a thing.  The spiritual world is currently examining this stubborn consciousness of human beings. On March 9, information about the human brain examined from the side of divine knowledge was delivered to me in the form of a person’s dictation. This time I am posting the full text below. These are some of the information from the Universe of Light.

On March 10, we also received Mikoto Fumi. And on March 11, we also received a song by Mioya, showing the new program. How can we make the stubborn shells open? How will the human brain relate to the spiritual world in an age when words have lost their light?
Symbolically speaking, humans are now being asked if they can break through the Omega Point.



Seki Tetsuo

March 13, 2006



The human brain is protected by a kind of matting, a barrier. The information is blocked by these…

The information system that maintains the physiological functions of a human being as an organism

Life support system, like a computer
A large amount of radiated and incoming information that is undesirable or rejected by the organism.
It is located on the outside, and in its first stage, it is reduced to 1/7, 1/8, 1/10.

What they protect is implanted in them as information.
It rejects what is worthy of that information.

The brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord, which has the pituitary gland at its core and is responsible for integrative functions.

Pineal gland functions in conjunction with the pituitary gland
Oversees the selection of what to accept and what to exclude

The hippocampus, a primitive part of the brain, plays an essential role as a living organism.
The human brain is like a walnut shell.
Protected by a strong ego that refuses to accept.

It is not impossible to change matter on the scale of a nuclear explosion if its full function is utilized to the fullest.

Because of the lack of proper development, only 3-7% of the brain is active in a normal human being. The rest of the brain is unused.

The neocortex should be able to store large amounts of information.
It is capable of controlling information.

If a human being with a convergent brain can analyze the content of information, it is possible to catch information from other places, dimensions, and even space-time.

It is possible to find a single winged insect in a cloudy atmosphere of photochemical smog.
Where do they exist, and in what state do they exist?
Few people know that the human brain knows the possibility of judging in time and space.
This is because they live only in what they call daily life.

Today’s science, the so-called life science, cannot analyze to that extent. It takes an enormous amount of time.
There is no material or substance (proof) that can be analyzed now.
It is possible to analyze even the information contained in one cube of atmosphere.
Hippocampal activity is the core. The most primitive function.

If the brain, as an organ, can transmit information in all its parts and pieces, then the information they are trying to know can be analyzed and accessed.

The axis of the brain, which is called the zui, plays a fundamental role in this process.

It is the subconscious mind that is blocking the potential.
The manifest mind is protecting it.
It acts like a great barrier, a mat.
It plays the role of not accepting electrical signals, which are normally bare pulse signals.

Because without that wall, all kinds of information will come in and they won’t be able to deal with it.

The difference between an underdeveloped pineal gland and a well-developed one.
It cannot process a huge amount of information without being clad in some sort of protective barrier.

(The above words were dictated by a person in a normal state of mind in front of several people.)