The co-governance of God and People (Vol.591)


If you know Japanese history correctly, you will see that the political system of Japan was a co-governance of the people and the sovereign, which was ideologically superior to the modern democracy of Western Europe.

My perception of the times is that the results of Japanese language education for this purpose are manifested in the rapid decline in the level of Japanese society. As long as the human soul has its roots in the Spiritual world, it is only natural that the information system based on the rules of life on the side of the human body would revolt against the thought circuitry of the human brain that has been indoctrinated with information contrary to the justice of heaven. If you think about that way, “child abuse,” “bullying,” and “truancy” are all the result of postwar education.

So, in this sense, for the first time in history, the Japanese archipelago is facing a crisis. Furthermore, the reigning  Emper or will be abdicating soon, and according to the message from the Spiritual world, the historical role of the emperor system will be completed, and the ōmikokoro* will be inherited by all Japanese people as the ōmitakara*. This also means a change in the ancient Japanese system of sovereignty and co-governance.

At this time, I received an announcement that the co-governance of God and the people would be the future system of Japan.

In fact, there is a shift in the Spiritual world behind this, where the divinity of the Japanese divine world is trying to break free from the system of the past in order to move to the next stage.

Specifically, in our counseling session in Oita in March, the transformation of the deities of the exorcisms, who have been playing an important role in the Japanese gods realm, was reported in a kind of “possessed by a deity” -like state.
This was followed by a series of events in which a system was established to judge or correctly exorcise the demonic consciousness of American capitalism, which had been at the center of Japanese values since the end of World War II, in the bodies of Japanese people.

From a spiritual point of view, this means that for the first time, Japan will be able to escape from the post-war order of being a province of the United States.
The demons of the Christian culture have their roots in the fact that they descended to earth when they realized that the God of the Bible was not the Creator God. They lose the basis for their existence on earth when the God of the Bible no longer exists.

Please look at the world today from that perspective.
You will see that the religious conflicts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which have the same roots. In addition to that, there is only a group of people who want to conquer the world through the ideology of communism, the child of the demon of monotheism, they’re fighting for the ownership of the earth.

Humans are pathetic beings who are controlled to provide a lot of negative spiritual energy for the conflict.

However, the awakened humans have already discovered the true nature of the spiritual energy behind the owners of the money that is controlling the world today.
The basis of the spiritual world’s message that something will end in the 150th year of Meiji era is that the great evil that is trying to control the entire planet is the anti-Christ that the Bible tells us about, and that the only knowledge that can overcome it is Shinlogy.

The beings who placed this system in the Japanese archipelago knew that this earth would be bloodied in the age of monotheism, and prepared for it, and continued to bring down to earth the wakemitama* of the gods who would play their roles at that time.

This conversion that is beginning in 2018 is proof of the great divine conspiracy. The fact that the devil rules the earth shows that we are living in a time and space where the story is that there is a true God in heaven and that promises will be fulfilled. When this data is projected onto the souls of humanity, an era will end.



March 8, 2018

Seki Tetsuo


ōmikokoro* means  Emperor’s will. It’s written as 大御心 in kanji,it literally means Large Honorable Spirit.

ōmitakara* means the people governed by the Emperor, written as 大御宝 in Kanji, it literally means Large Honorable Treasure.

wakemitama*  The data of god that has his seat in the heaven, transferred to human soul is called wakemitama.