The Anomaly of Reikai (Vol.88)


In the past, humans were the vehicles of the gods. It can be said that the masters of humans were the gods. So, that is to say that the gods are upon us means that a divine consciousness is descending upon us. Even now, there are some spiritual persons who claim and act as if they are divinely inspired. However, after the great upheaval in the spiritual world, there is already no divine world. The consciousness beings that existed in the God Realm have, as a rule, already descended to human beings.  Humans have changed the purpose of their existence to that of a divine vessel, not a vehicle. Then, in this age, what are the beings that are conveying the messages of the gods to human beings, or the messages of the god-like consciousness that is more advanced than human beings in this universe?

I have heard several members of the Shinlogy Association express their disbelief in the word or existence of God. Such as; “Isn’t God the one who created this world? Shouldn’t God be held accountable for what he has done?”

Human history until now has undoubtedly been created by the collaboration of the gods of each age and the humans who obeyed them. Sumer and Egypt were in a sense the gods’ land.
It can be said that the Christian world was also God’s land until a certain time. The Christian church also used to reject the concept of interest rates. Even now, in the Muslim world, interest rates are denied.

The shaky footing of the Vatican’s monotheistic rule in the West can be attributed to the irrationality of the papacy in Rome, which, as a consumer of Renaissance art, needed vast wealth to create many revenue streams, including indulgences.  Most of the believers were illiterate, so there must have been a time when most people blindly followed what the church said.

However, the excessive deprivation of the general society begins to cause people to question. The old forces in search of money are being defeated by the Protestant forces in the war for money.
This is history as it really happened.

The Roman popes’ need for great wealth for the purpose of adorning themselves with God has resulted in their wavering status as the sole agents of God. Its followers are still dwindling.

It can be said that the system of God’s agents has been defeated by the characteristics of its operators, namely human desires.
I know that the subprime mortgage crisis that is going on right now has its roots in the Church’s defeat of money…

God, of course, is responsible. However, in biblical terms, human beings in all ages, like Adam and Eve who lived in the Garden of Eden, will always eat the fruit of the tree of wisdom.
The tempter is symbolized by the serpent, the desire as a testimony of the human subconscious.

In this day and age, it is the paper money system that is doing this seducer. Without paper money, no one can survive.  It is like the apocalypse of the Bible itself….

The data of the past is shared by both those who are Light and those who are Masters of Darkness. It is possible for a single discarnate entity  with more than a certain level of energy to take on a living human being and convey god-like words to a living being.

In this age, the age of Judgment, would a properly divine consciousness make such a contact? Would it command a human being to pray?

The righteous gods have already descended into the microcosm of humanity, which believes that God is responsible for the misery of this world.
In my book, The Final Knowledge, it is clearly stated that the gods have taken the blame.

To take responsibility for human history, humans are now ascending to the position of vessel for the gods and God. Already, the savior has come. The only person who can be the savior of your microcosm is you, the human consciousness.

I suppose you still don’t get it, do you? There is always a channel between your microcosm and the real world that is linked in the energy realm of the spirit world. This is where interaction occurs. Stories will be born.

As the final stage of the process of the spiritual world enters its final stage, the field of Reikai* is being transformed so that it can be reflected in the spiritual activities of more and more human beings. This anomaly will cause more confusion in spiritual information.

”Therefore, Stay Awake.”  That is to say.
I feel it is time to dare and use the words of Jesus.




April 10, 2008

Seki Tetsuo







Reikai* The realm of the dead.