Shinlogical Science (Vol.758)

I have been saying from the beginning that Shinlogy is more scientific than science. Not only that, but from a shinlogical point of view, science today is, historically speaking, a child of magic.

Now, in the year 2021, the spiritual energy is being brought to light by the younger generation who have studied Shinlogy. Again, today’s science had its starting point in proving the monotheistic God, but what science has been able to learn is that the universe seems to have been created out of nothing.

The knowledge that the universe is nothing was already attained by a man called Buddha about 2,500 years ago.   The space-time we live in, even when viewed as an object of scientific awareness by ordinary human beings, is a proof of this Buddha’s knowledge.

Taking into consideration the existence of humans as observers of the universe, science has also coined the term anthropic principle. The opposite meaning is that the universe was created by some kind of will, out of countless possibilities, in order to give rise to human existence.

The position is that human consciousness was created by the will of the universe, as it should be.

Shinlogy is a system of learning given to human knowledge by that which is “before the beginning” and “after the end” to solve the problem of God on earth.  From this standpoint, the role of science as it exists today is to show the limits that human knowledge can reach through atheism.  It can be said that the role of science has almost come to an end, and that if we continue with the science we have now, we will only bring about a new destruction.

This is the story that leads to the other dark side of the Jesus and Money system, which I disclosed in the previous Hikarimonjyo (light document).

Science, which was born out of magic, has not been able to prove God, but in my opinion, from the standpoint of Shinlogy, the proof of God’s existence has already been done. God, or rather the original owner of this earth, has only allowed this world to be used for a while as a stage for his story to solve the problem of the God of the Bible, and after his promise is fulfilled, a new type of story of the soul is supposed to begin here.  And it is the humans who are alive today who are called upon to work from the Last Judgment to create a new earth world. However, with the current scientific knowledge, you cannot do that work.

This is because the Hado (vibrational energy’s )data of science was in the realm of what I call the Devil of Atheism.
As the year of 2021, I can tell you that the right Light is beginning to shine in this realm of science’s hado,  as well as the realm of money’s hado .
What will change as a result of this? My answer is that the collapse of the current civilization will begin.

At least to me, the science of atheism was perceived as bringing the sixth destruction to the human world, but when the right Light reaches that realm, it will open the door to the realm of science that introduces divine knowledge.

Already, there is a rapid movement in that direction, but the biggest obstacle is the demonic conscious beings of human origin. This is just a hypothesis, but there may be something hidden in the current scientific education system that will inculcate the demonic factor of atheism in human beings.

This intense denial of the concept of God lies in the realm of the human collective unconscious behind modern civilization, and unless humans are freed from it, they will not be able to reach new knowledge.
Either way, the era of the atheistic scientist is over.
New breakthroughs in knowledge will begin with shinlogical science.





May 20, 2021(the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo