Saviors’ Blood (Vol.677)


This is a disclosure about the mythology and national identity of Japan, which may perhaps be difficult for the average person with a common education to accept.

I recognize that the fact that the spiritual world has given permission for the release of this information at this time, after the international debut of the new emperor in the era of Reiwa, means that the Japanese people themselves should think about the future of their national identity with this knowledge.

This is the issue of Japanese mythology and the blood of Jesus.  The ancestor of the Japanese imperial family is Taka-Amahara, the grandson of Amaterasu, or Niniginomikoto, who is the top deity of the divine world, and is a male deity.

On the other hand, Susanoo, who had descended to this earthly world before that, had children with the daughters of this earth, but no boys. Ōkuninushi is the son-in-law of Susanowo, who is the male deity of the earth. Therein lies the reason why the Kuni-Yuzuri * must be performed.

The reason why the imperial family must be male-line males is that there is a secret Y chromosome in the DNA or genetic information that connects to this Taka-Amahara, and this is necessary to create humans who can contact the divine world.

That explains why both Buddha and Jesus were males. The Japanese imperial family was placed on the Japanese archipelago as a divine dispensation to pass on this information to future generations.  However, it is said that only a very small number of males with a Y chromosome succeeded in realizing its potential due to the considerable difficulties involved.

The relationship between the DNA of the Jewish people and the Japanese people will be revealed eventually, but it seems that most of the Divine genes originate from the Jomon people, the inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago.

According to transmissions from the Spiritual world, the Y chromosome, which can be called the blood of the savior, is abundant in the ancient Japanese people and is still passed on in an incomparable proportion to other races. For this reason, there have been and still are a certain number of Japanese males born in the Japanese archipelago who carry the gene. I have been taught that I am one of them, but it is only through trials and tribulations, as they are commonly called, that I can develop my abilities. So, mythologically speaking, the brothers of Emperor Jinmu, who started the Japanese imperial family, finished their role during the Eastern Expedition.

The purpose of the blood of Jesus, which Christianity has been very particular about in its missionary history, can also be considered to have its roots in the same place as Japanese mythology. It is a faith that eventually someone will appear who will inherit the blood of the savior. In a sense, this is what I call the awakening of the Japanese people.

And the fact that I am releasing this information to the public at this time also means that the spiritual world has already given all of humanity the ability to contact the divine world beyond this system of savior blood as knowledge.  Otherwise, the promise that all people are equal before God would not have been fulfilled.

That is what I call “Ascent to Light”, and it has been proven and experienced by many people in the past that anyone can encounter divine knowledge if they raise their level of consciousness to the layer of Light that exists in the Spiritual world.  For people who have seen these things in the field, the existence of gods and deities is a real fact. Likewise, the existence of demons and evil spirits is also very real.

Despite the fact that humanity has already reached this new horizon of knowledge, the reality of the Japanese archipelago is being divided by a group of malicious atheist humans.  The earth, which should be the dwelling place of the true gods, is being turned into a gathering place for greedy people who want to make it an offering to the evil ones.

This is the truth of the greatest crisis in history, as the Spiritual world calls it.
If you understand that the gods in Korea and China gathered in the Japanese archipelago and prepared for their final work, you will understand that only the Japanese can perform the hataraki as saviors.




October 31, 2019

Seki Tetsuo


The kuni-yuzuri *(国譲り) “Transfer of the land” was a mythological event in Japanese prehistory, related in sources such as the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki. 



hataraki  (noun)

  1. work; workings; activity; ability; talent; function; labor; labour; action; operation; movement; motion; conjugation; inflection; achievement