Prison Ghosts (Vol.732)

In my perception, with the U.S. presidential election, the human’s ghost world which had been scattered until now, was unified under the new order and the spiritual world was prepared for the Final Judgement. There is one piece of information that I have been passing on here for many years. The afterlife, which was once called the other world, is now superimposed on the human world in which we live, and the other world and this world are becoming one.

This integration was apparently completed in November, 2020, and the new ghost world, or “the divine spirit world,” to use the term given to the Shinlogy Association, became the common language of this world, as well as the God’s world, in a new Japanese language, and those who have a Japanese language brain and learn Shinlogy , whose abilities are etched in its soul, can also work as translators to the world of the dead.

Now, some people who were given these abilities and  a former prison guard who had worked in a Japanese prison for a long period of time and made contact with the soul of many inmates, they  are trying to keep a visual record entitled “Prison Ghost”. Now, a human who was given this ability and a former prison guard who worked in a Japanese prison for long time and had contact with many inmates’ souls are trying to keep a visual record entitled “Prison Ghost”. Though this has just  started, it should be obvious to everyone if the former prison guard’s sort of circuitry or  the channel, inside of his microcosm as recorded, and the soul of the criminals condemned to death are connected, the foundation of human civilization will become unstable.
The dead have begun to convey messages to the world.
The reason why this is ongoing  in Japan right now is that, as the safest country in the world, where its in the field of Justice, righteousness  is disregarded and many false accusation  are occurring there in reality.

Heaven, or God, will not miss it. This defect in the Japanese judicial system is one of the major disgrace in the history of Japan, which (people back then) aimed for a constitutional country and followed the Western legal system by the Meiji Restoration. Its flow has not been improved yet, or even getting worse, in the so-called democratized legal system after losing the war.

Japan as a whole has lost their better spiritual culture, and its behind there is this system which is incapable of  being resisted for uncontrollable power. It’s a story, from the heavenly point of view, this kuni (country) was dedicated to the devil by the defeating the war.

In fact the same devil, before the US started the war with Japan, It took over the US and created the World of today. To help people realize that something is on going such as the U.S. presidential election of 2020, and to respond this, the spiritual world is progressing with preparations for the Final Judgment, that’s what I informed repeatedly.

This world is full of evil. We have history that many humans have died unexpected tragic deaths fighting that evil, and the history of the world is full of evil. The heavens have prepared for those dead people to speak out.

That’s how God’s promises should be.

Think of what’s going on in America and Japan right now is about to fulfill the 2000-years Promises of the Bible.
If the light, as I call it, doesn’t shine through this world and through this earth, and everything will be kept in darkness and humans will die without awakening. However, it is this year of 2020, the day will come in the US and Japan, the light will uncover the true identity of the current system of world domination, in which people are dominated  by evil beings.
Here, I would like to once again tell you about the value of the myth in Japan.The system that rules the world by violence is called Ushihaku in Japan. The system that govern this world by common knowledge is called Shirasu in Japan.
Those human groups that rule this world today, the money-grabbing human groups based on European-derived capitalism and the atheist human groups, represented by the Chinese Communist Party, are very alike from heaven’s point of view. Those who act on Antichrist’s values,  to put it in the Christian culture way.
That composition is becoming visible to the humans of the world, and beyond this, there is the Promise of the Bible.
Now, the real light and the fake light will bring different information in the soul, mind and consciousness of humans. Whether you can tell the difference is the demand for justice inside each of you. For notifying that, the ghosts of the prison have begun to speak.