Postwar Atheism (Vol.625)


With the defeat of Japan 73 years ago, this country has abandoned the slogan of the Divine Japan, and has made a major turn to become an atheist country.

The Japanese Divine Realm strongly supported the strategy of Japan as a divine nation conceived by the Meiji government until the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War. However, when the annexation of Korea was completed , which was a foolish decision that forgot the lessons of Hakusukinoe (Battle of Baekgang),  it (Japanese Divine  realm) fell into a long period of silence.  During this period, it is my understanding, that the only group that continued to appeal for the crisis of this country was the group of the Susanowo-god’s realm, represented by Omoto-kyo.

After that, the correct Japanese Divine realm had to wait until 1901 to awaken.

The annexation of Korea was in 1910. So, for about eighty years, the Japanese divine world was silent and watched, or closed its eyes as also a system.

During this period, the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, which is believed to have been used by financial capitalists, was born in England in 1848 and introduced to Japan in 1904. Four years later, the book was banned due to the High Treason Incident, and this continued until the defeat of Japan.

Iwanami Shoten’s (publisher’s) translation of the Communist Manifesto by Ōuchi Hyōei and Sakisaka Itsurō was published in 1995.
Although the Communist Manifesto was banned in pre-war Japan, other Marxist books were translated and published in large numbers, and these Japanese texts made their way to mainland China and became the roots of the current ideology of the Chinese Communist Party.

It can be said that this aspect of language is one of the reasons why many people with a leftist ideology in Japan feel more sympathy for the Chinese Communist Party than for the former Soviet Communist Party.

The reason why the Japanese were so intrigued by communism is that it was the latest political and economic idea of the advanced European civilization at that time, and the word “communism” was translated into Japanese as 共産主義*, so the Japanese mind reacted to its appearance of written characters.

Then as now, the roots of the Japanese soul are in the society of the gods, the Taka-Amahara* democracy, where the concept of ownership and wealth are almost non-existent.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the world was in the age of capitalism, which could be described as tyranny, and it was only natural that people with a heart seeking social justice would be attracted to the words socialism and communism.

In prewar Japan, as an example, the idea of the young military officer who initiated the February 26 Incident was that of emperor socialism. and it can be said that the difference between the left and right had a clear basis in atheism and the belief in unbroken Imperial line, the existence of Soul behind the emperor.  Nevertheless, in postwar Japanese society, there was a long period of time when it was impossible to even talk about Yasukuni Shrine, for example, on the theme of the permanence of the soul. This movement has made Japanese society appear to be a country dominated by atheism. And, the propaganda of Japanese war crimes, mainly by the mass media during the occupation, began to nestle in the souls of Japanese who were ignorant of the original sin of Christianity. Some of the religions that brainwashed the Japanese people into believing that their original sin was greater than that of many other ethnic groups grew in power in Japan.
After all this, in 1991, the program for the resurrection or return of the Japanese gods was set in motion. During the first ten years of my existence, the integration of divine and human knowledge took place, and in the year 2000 A.D., by divine decree, that knowledge was placed in the hollow of the Internet under the title of “Final Knowledge”.

After a period of six years, the divinity who prepared this system, who should be called “Mioya,” descended to the human world on earth once again.
It is 2018, the 12th year since the Mioya-sama descended to the human world in March 2006, and it is likely that this program will be completed in March of next year.

It seems that the heavens and the earth will begin to involve the human world in preparing for the next era in earnest by then, the kind of  feeling that is growing stronger as each day goes by in my mind.

The day will come when the mass media in Japan, which is dominated by the followers of a civilization that ends when you die, will show their atheism as a sign of their ignorance, and this will cause many people to feel sympathy for them.

There will come a day when, in the speech space represented by the mass media which is dominated by the followers of a civilization of “All ends after death”, the display of their atheism will attract the sympathy of many people as a demonstration of their ignorance.

Even though they are good people, the afterlife of atheists is different from what they imagine. The people who are going to die are the Japanese who were born during the period of judgment, when the Japanese gods were silent and lived under the influence of atheism.

This is a disclosure to help you consider why the postwar era of atheism existed. From this November, Japan will move to a new stage.


November 1, 2018

Seki Tetsuo



Meanings for each kanji in 共産主義

共 together;with

産 products;bear




Taka-Amahara* is the abode of the heavenly gods in Japanese mythology.