Operation False God (Vol.744)


In the last issue of Hikarimonjyo (the Light Document), I mentioned that the true identity of the God of the Bible will be raised to the consciousness of many people in the future. Many people think that most of the things that are happening on the earth today have been created by human beings, but it seems that people still do not really understand that the human consciousness is the main battlefield of the battle between light and darkness, so I would like to explain this.

During the counseling session in Oita on February 7, it was discovered that a member’s Internet terminal had been infected (the word “infected” was more appropriate than “contaminated”) with demonic energy, and that the effects of the infection were affecting the human body. At the same time, I was able to infer from the owner’s declaration that someone had apparently put a command in the AI, or artificial intelligence, program that manages the information of the major social networking sites on the Internet, to eliminate the words of the Bible.

The true identity of the God of the Bible is the word “In the beginning was the Word,” as it is written there.
And in the word of God, there is light.
One of the reasons why the earth is now covered with darkness is that artificial intelligence on the Internet is eliminating the words that contain the light of God.

Lynn Wood, a famous lawyer in the U.S., has been repeating the words of the Bible on the social networking site of the Russian motherland, and it has become clear that many of the big tech companies in the U.S. are already in the camp of the anti-Christ.

Throughout its history, monotheism has given birth to many cults and devil worshiping groups.
Apart from that, there have also been human groups that have been using Christianity to establish their own demonic beings as gods to complete their rule over the earth.

A human group considered Satanists who sacrifice children is a problem with current  in the United States. The human group is a confederation of sinners who wish to perpetuate their glory under the rule of Evil. They are humans, or humanoids in the human world, but what they worship, what gives them control, is the dark consciousness.

The greatest fear for these human beings, the ruling class on earth, and for those who exist above them with god-like power, is the Last Judgment.

In Shinlogy, the Last Judgment is something that is said to happen in the microcosm of each individual. It is not like the final war on earth, where the armies of light and dark will do their utmost to destroy each other.

If you don’t understand that, you won’t understand why the U.S. hasn’t split into two and started fighting. You also cannot understand that cyberspace on the Internet is energetically close to the spiritual realm, and that to protect the spiritual realm from its negative effects, our  Shinlogy Association  was given the icon-stickers of light and dark.

The power of money, which controls the human world today, is being exerted to make human society belong to a certain owner, and the battle is extremely old. By monopolizing the money, the dark things are made to be like gods, so to speak.

The timing for this to come to the surface was the year 2021.
The human groups that have become the rulers of the earth pursue their own pleasures and preserve their youth at the expense of (sacrificed) children, but as long as they are human, they will eventually die.

It is an absolute rule, as stated in the Bible, that every human being lives, dies, and is judged after death. The ones who prevent this are, as we have already said in the Final Knowledge, beings who survive by consuming the light in the souls of other human beings. The light of the old gods cannot judge them, but the light of the Last Judgment is already in the hands of the Book of Final Knowledge and the gods and goddesses who wrote it with me. Furthermore, in the 21st century, a certain percentage of children born on this earth will have the light of the Final Judgment in their wakemitama. As this information is transmitted to the dark ones, the aspect of the battle in cyberspace should change. The soul with the light of judgment in it may flash for a moment in the dark universe and disappear, but it will reach the source of its light. I know that the flash is  an invocation, “O God, O God”.




February 11, 20021(the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo




wakemitama*  The data of gods that have their seats  in the heaven, transferred to human souls are called wakemitama.