Omega Point


The cleanup of certain illusions that prevent the human brain from being active has been completed. It should bring about changes on a global level.
Does this mean that we are ready? The words “Omega Point” and “Omega Dots” are repeatedly appearing in my consciousness. The Omega Point is the point of arrival of divine and human evolution as predicted by Teilhard de Chardin, who died in 1955. As a matter of fact, the title of the book I wrote, “The Final Knowledge,” is a reference to the Omega Point itself.

Before I started my divine work, I also had my doubts about this idea. However, when I learned about the limitations of the earth’s gods and the current mankind,  my companion and I were brought to the clear realization that we were being used as test subjects to see if the human brain could withstand the breakthrough of the Omega Point.

In order for the god or gods of the earth to move on to the next stage, they must inevitably go through the human brain once. And herein lies the main theme of The Final Knowledge.

It also indicates that the human brain is the stage for the tremendous story of the Omega Point.
Beyond this, there is what I call the universe of Light.

Those who have done their part correctly will leave to that place. Teilhard de Chardin correctly recognized that there is a program called Judgment to get there.

So, Your brain also exists in a time when this Omega Point has become a reality. It is only your manifest consciousness that is unaware of its value.





March 17,2006

Seki Tetsuo