Old people and Holy Oil (Vol.277)


It seems that in this human world, as the Light that reveals the Truth intensifies, the Dark Energy is also activated and acts to strengthen the anti-Christ vector within each of us. The human soul is programmed to climb up the stairs of life one step at a time, to be given a theme, and to not move on to the next stage until it has learned one theme. What I mean by moving to that next stage is synonymous with raising the level of consciousness of the person in a way.

Shinlogy is about learning the mechanics of an unpredictable life, so that you can finally live a life worthy of the purpose for which you were programmed in the first place, rather than your own wishes, but there are many challenges in the growth process.  Apparently, it is better to think of it as something that is put in place until the end of the road to death.

No matter how much you try to tell an old person who has developed dementia about the need for repentance, it is futile.  In fact, words can only lead to increased paranoia and negative energy radiation.

At the request of a member of the Shinlogy Association, I am now making and offering a consecrated oil for the elderly who are experiencing testicular cognitive decline with age. The reason for this was that a local day care facility had already reported that the application of SBM oil improved not only the physical condition of the elderly, but also their consciousness. Everyone who knows this world seems to be very interested in what kind of reaction will be brought about by enhancing the Light properties of the SBM oil, which is to discharge the dark energy that has been accumulated over a long period of time in the microcosm of human beings.  So far, we have received reports of improvement as well as preservation of soundness of consciousness. Of course, these are, in my opinion, not medical issues, but issues that belong in the realm of faith.

Shinlogy is a learning system that conveys the fact that human prayer, properly connected to the realm of Light, has the ability to sanctify matter, with proper verification in terms of law and reproducibility. However, this is an approach to the realm that is beyond the limits of science. This is nothing less than the divine intelligence’s contribution to an age in which conscientious medical people are forced to consider the quality of death.

Human beings cannot escape the fate of death.

To live well is the path to die well, as everyone knew in the old days.  This society has already shifted into the vector of returning to that human wisdom.

In spiritual and cultural terms, this means the end of the era of greedy capitalist civilization.  The power of illusion that has created the reality of domination and subjugation will be extinguished as more and more people come to realize the true identity of the god-like mechanism created by man called MONEY.

Yet, as the vectors of the age change, the backlash and counterattack from those who cling to the illusions of the past will become increasingly fierce.  People who have not learned their themes well, are already experiencing an increase in mental illness due to the energy of anxiety and fear of the future that has begun to flood the world.  I hope the holy oil will help many elderly people in this country, who have lived without learning anything so far, to escape the worst stories…



March 8, 2012
Seki Tetsuo



SBM stands for Shinlogical Body Method.