Negative Pressure (Vol.320)


Since the beginning of 2013, I have the impression that there have been many phenomena around me that have altered people’s consciousness or bodies. Specifically, we have entered an era in which “from here on out, it’s up to humankind,” and while our subconscious mind knows the barrenness of relying on God, we are still unable to find the next direction, which may be explained as the anxiety of a drifting spiritual vector that is lowering the level of conscious energy in society as a whole. In the immediate future, there may be a sense of a bubble-like economy for the first time in a long time, but I think it is probably that many of us are sensing the depth of darkness that awaits us beyond that.

As far as I know, a self-destructive activation of energy has begun in the depths of the human soul. It is just like the current situation in this country after March 11, 2011. The Japanese archipelago, which was the sacred body of Kunitokotachi, the founder of the nation, has already completed this mythical role.My. Fuji, the symbol of the archipelago, has already left the ship connecting it to the universe of light. This means that many beings in this country’s spiritual world have moved on to the next stage, according to the rule that it is right for those who have finished their role to leave.

However, the field of spiritual energy that is projected into the microcosm of most human beings is a phase of the past that corresponds to the level of growth of that person. In such a microcosm, both God and the devil can continue to spin their tales. The ones who have believed that they could continue this story endlessly are actually the consciousness beings who control the human group that practically dominates this place called Earth. Assuming that they are also beings who can only perceive the universe through their vehicle, human beings, then their position is as close as possible to human conscious activity. In other words, human greed is one of their characteristics.

Here, if you calmly observe the history of humanity, you will see that greed is not a characteristic of humanity as a species.

Human civilization, created under the closed doors of this country’s mythical rock, or the false claims of light created in a world without light, has worked to divide humanity into two entities: one that rules and one that is ruled, one that owns everything and one that owns nothing. In this day and age, an awakened humans will be able to know the answer to who should be held responsible for the increasing separation in this world and the creation of a planet filled with the spiritual energy of envy, which really does not make anyone happy.

Unfortunately, it is not God who is responsible for this, but each and every human being, as anyone who has studied Shinlogy can understand. Yet, the spiritual energy field of the planet we are born into is filled with this voice of accountability. Under this energy, the number of people who suffer from mental illness is sure to increase. At the same time, the body will exceed the limits of its tolerance and will manifest itself in the form of illness.

Providing solutions to these problems will be the way I work in the future. I am probably the first person on the planet to systematically tell people that the human body contains some other consciousness of the body than the one we are aware of as ourselves. And I also know that this consciousness of the body can work to punish itself and cause illness to develop.

The physical bodies of the Japanese people are moving in this direction, as if they are being put to the most advanced test on the planet. It can be said that humans are on the road to extinction because of what they have created. Please be aware that the current state of the Japanese archipelago, brought about by the Fukushima disaster, is projected onto your body as well.

There you will discover the simple law that preventing the collapse of the mind and body of each individual will lead to the rebirth and revival of this country.

Since we are in difficult times, so that the final knowledge as a correct map will help us to avoid the aimless drift of the human spirit and body.




January 11, 2013

Seki Tetsuo