Matters after Izumo’s Sengu (Vol.338)


From the 11th to the 12th of May, 2013, I have received information from a certain realm that preparations have been made for a major change in this country.

As if in response to that, I have also received reports of improved physical health and reduced mental pressure on the human side, but the difference between those who feel this way and those who don’t seems to be becoming clearer than ever.

What I have been reporting so far is that human beings, as a Son of God, are endowed with the ability to go beyond God. However, in monotheistic cultures, this very idea of going beyond God has been considered as taboo.  This is the yoke of the cross of Jesus, and the Christian churches have walked through history shaping the world as God’s agents while turning their backs on the proposition of why God, the Creator, could not save Jesus on the cross. The social system we have today is merely the result of the continued efforts of those who believe in the legitimacy of this Christian-derived world domination to destroy other civilizations. And this monotheistic civilization also has an aspect of historical conflict with another monotheistic civilization, the religious group of Muhammad.  In addition, a group of Eastern Europeans who believe they are of ancient Israelite descent have established a state in the former British colony of Palestine.  Thus, the conflicts within the monotheistic cultures have risen to the point that they could bring about Armageddon in this world.

So what are these things about? The roots of this monotheistic religion are what used to be the God of the Jewish people.  And through the intervention of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, this monotheistic religion has been transformed into what it is today. In this monotheistic culture, the longing for a more powerful savior than the charismatic figure who became the founder of monotheism forms the consciousness of ordinary human beings to break the status quo.  Humans have been led not to think that they are their own saviors.  But for a group of people who knew the great deceit behind this religious yoke, these inducements would have been very attractive as a way to make sheep of people.   And it could be said that the actual ruling group in this world now knows this secret and is establishing the expertise to control those who wield power from all sides. Yet, the source of their power is only the Dark Side within monotheism.

They know that inside each and every human being dwells an energy that endangers their existence. Now, this world is  being liberated from the brainwashing of atheism and materialism, which says that the Son of God is an illusion, as the vector of the human soul is working to move toward the side of Light.  In monotheistic cultures, the yoke of the past is heavier than in Japan, so it may take longer to awaken.

My historical perception of Japan’s misguided opening of the Iwato (rock door) and being placed in the same genus position as the Jewish land was once placed in the Roman province comes from the information in the spiritual world that “the whole thing is a preparation for a single story.  When you come to the simple answer that the system of the last-one-thousandth is nothing but the Last Judgment, then ask yourself, if you were God, would you send the people of the earth to the slaughter?  Then you will realize that God dwells in your soul to fulfill His promise in you.

The monotheistic gods also descend upon humans to take responsibility. This may still only be realized by Japanese people, but that is the program.



May 16, 2013

Seki Tetsuo


Sengu 遷宮

  1. installation of a deity in a new shrine; transfer of a shrine