Kotodama transmission system (Vol.36)


It can be said that the gloominess of this country’s future stems from politics as a reflection of human spirituality, and from the economy as a reflection of desire. I cannot help but feel that the word ‘spiritual’ is linked to the meaning of ‘crazy,’ as it is far removed from the true nature of human beings.

Spirituality, which has its roots in the word spirit, is essentially the destination of healthy human spirituality, and requires philosophical, religious, and scientific considerations, but …

The topic of a spiritual corporate consulting school associated with the current prime minister of this country has begun to appear in the media. Recently, I wrote about the spirit of Shinji Takahashi in this light document. It has been many years since the story of the spirit of Shinji Takahashi was written by a person who worked as a publisher in the business world. It is well known that from the GLA of Shinji Takahashi, Happy Science and other new religions were born. But this group is based on information from the ghost realm, which has nothing to do with the divine realm.

Therefore, what is being conveyed is nothing more than moral, ethical, or, shall I say, just some conventional spiritual world information. However, this is the most pleasant spiritual message for Japanese people’s souls today, and it is the best way to embed the dark energy for religious business into their subconscious. Human beings tend to seek for happiness as sheep, so it’s free to pay all your money there. The fact that executives are vulnerable to soothsayers, fortune tellers and the guidance and advice of dubious religious figures and it has long been a subject of study by intellectual groups seeking to dominate Japan’s economy as an indication of the infantile nature of the country’s spiritual culture. The mechanism may have been figured out, or it may still be veiled by Japan’s peculiarities. The answer is actually quite simple.

Japanese Shinto teaches a how-to approach to the use of spiritual energy before the separation of light and dark. In other words, a simple principle dwells in the consciousness of humans living in Japan, that whether it is of light or darkness, if used well, benefits can be gained. This is the secret of the Yamato language. There is power in it. That is Kotodama. At least it has the potential to be transmitted to others as energy of illogical systems. Consider or observe it carefully. The kind of energy that is emitted in this country, not only by cults, but by people who talk a lot, out of religious passion, is almost identical. It is * (Ki) and 念*(Nen). Sometimes 呪*(Jyu)are mixed in, but they are almost the same, a type of energy that tries to intervene in the consciousness of others. The words used in the monotheistic world do not have this kind of energy. Because it is the magic of words. If it is used by a malicious one, the word is of the devil. The Japanese people’s lack of immunity to these demons has created the reality of this country today.

The reality is that you are living in a country where politics and economics are led by people who are manipulated by the language of a dubious spirit world. This may be closer to black humor than fear.However, there is hope. Hitsukuno-kami  has told us that there are humans who have been awakened by the Final Knowledge, which has been turned into a book. Little by little, we are moving forward.

Either way, it is only as I said or as I am telling you. Do you want to go into the world of light or into the world of darkness?
Decide while you are still alive. That’s what I’m talking about. I haven’t told you this before, but the one who knows more about the human spirit than any given spiritualist is the one who can be at the judgment seat.

If the one who was judged and failed to rise to the top, the one who was discarded, conveyed something through the mouth of a human being in this world. The person who conveyed it takes another person somewhere else. Everyone should be given enough intelligence to think about how this would look from the perspective of the one who judges.



February 16, 2007

Seki Tetsuo




気* (Ki) is the flow of energy in the body, called qi in China and prana in India.

念*(Nen) Nen is the body’s energy, qi, with human thoughts  or feelings on it.

呪*(Jyu) literary means “curse”. It is a religious magical spiritual energy that uses the energy of thoughts and feelings  that humans can emit, in addition to the power of kotodama, to send a clear sense of purpose to a specific object.