Ki, Nen, Ju, Sou, Rei and Ma (Vol.751)


I have been informed that the Japanese manga and anime culture is, in a sense, acting as a window to bring to the surface the data of the unconscious realm of this world.  And with the interest of Japanese youth in the word Jujutsu(witchcraft) , there is a growing possibility that the Hado (vibrational energy) of the spiritual world will become something that many humans can perceive.

As a matter of fact, in the history of Japan, Jujutsu has been used not only by Abe Seimei, but also as a knowledge of Buddhism for the benefit of this world, and there was a question raised from the spiritual side that these various types of barriers still exist.

As a pioneer in these times, our Shinlogy Association used to use Ofuda with energy as a tool to learn the various layers of vibrations from Darkness. However, since it often reacted to the Ki* or Nen* of the people learning it, and accumulated so-called evil spirits, it was discontinued, and we have reached the present day.  But here comes the order from the heavens to create a sticker with a limited output period of one day as a tool for children and adults to learn each layer of these vibrations, and we are now conducting various tests.

The sticker requires a medium, for example, a piece of paper the size of a business card, and only then can it be activated.  In other words, the paper, which does not contain any vibrations, turns into a transmitter when the sticker is applied.  As if to prove that it is the energy of the spiritual realm, this sticker has been confirmed to transmit energy when it is applied to natural crystal, and even to output energy through icon devices.

Energies such as Ki* , remembrance, and Ju* were things that could be created by living people.

Unfortunately, for the Japanese gods, these energies were nothing but kegare, so the beings of the divine realm had no way to deal with them except to warn humans about them as Darkness. It is psychology that tells us that the human body system is needed for its purification.

In this 21st century, there has been a succession of events around me that suggest a kind of interaction between these waves, waves in cyberspace, and waves in the electromagnetic domain, and I believe that we are entering an era in which human society will begin to recognize the seven layers of waves:Ki*, Nen*,Ju*,Sou*,Rei*,Ma* and the upper layer of Light.

The correct information about these seven vibrations has been transmitted to the human world only by the Shinlogy Association.  For the purpose of this study, colorless vibrations that have no adverse effect on humans will be emitted from a small sticker, which will bring into the realm of human knowledge various psychic abilities and spiritual phenomena that have been considered to be special.

Human science has not yet reached the level of approaching these wave problems, but once people realize that these waves can be detected by the sensors of the human body with this small sticker, more people will be willing to study them scientifically.

Once you understand that the human body has the ability to respond to these vibrations, it is easy to explain how vibrations, or something similar, can cause mutations at the cellular and genetic levels.

In this sense, Heaven’s judgment and decision to disclose the secrets of these waves will prove the existence of God, which humans have been searching for.
At that time, historians will describe science as a tool created in this universe to create atheism, and used to create another space-time, which will be divided into right and left after the Last Judgment.

It is theoretically possible to live in atheism, or in the spiritual realm, to spend eternity after death in the dark cosmic field, closed off from the energy of dark thoughts, but in order to do so, the divinity in the human soul must be expelled while we are still alive.

Behind the human group that dominates the earth today is a consciousness being that originates from such an evil energy field without the right Light.
In order not to be used or taken over by them, humans should learn about Hado now.




April 1, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo




Ki * (気) is the flow of energy in the body, called qi in China and prana in India.

Nen*  (Nen) is the body’s energy. Ki with human thoughts and feelings on it.

Ju* (呪) literary means “curse”. It is a religious magical spiritual energy that uses the energy

Sou* (想) conception; idea; thought

Basically, humans move up and down through three spiritual energy levels in their daily lives. The upper level is light, the lower level is dark, and the mood of the moment suggests the level we are in. The energy band called Sou is located in the upper layer. Ascending to the Light itself is a way to access this energy zone of Sou.

Rei* (霊) soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost

It’s the energy band of the human ghost world, and it’s the memory of the past.

Ma* (魔) demon; devil; evil spirit; evil influence

It’s the energy band for contacting the demonic world