JFK (Vol.739)

On November 22, 1963 A.D. ,  John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. That day was also the start of simultaneous television broadcasting between Japan and the U.S. via satellite, so people all over Japan must have watched the assassination video repeatedly.

I was in elementary school at the time, and I remember feeling very gloomy when I heard the news, and I remember praying desperately that night in my childish way. Ostensibly, the investigation into the assassination has been concluded as the sole responsibility of Oswald, but no one in this world believes the official announcement of the US government.

Many people understand that there is a huge darkness in the United States, and that even the president of the United States must risk his life to confront the enemies of these forces. We Japanese, too, are learning from the experience of the 75 years since our defeat in the war that in order to gain true independence, we must fight against the group of people who use the U.S. government as an agent of the dark forces.

This is a real and ongoing battle between light and darkness.
When the light side wins this battle, perhaps the truth about the JFK assassination will be revealed. It will shed light not only on the JFK assassination, but also on the darkness behind the assassination of President Lincoln, the other assassination in the United States. The extent to which this darkness has influenced the formation of the modern history of the Japanese islands will also be disclosed.

Strangely enough, the country of Japan is deeply involved in the life of Oswald, who is considered a lone assassin. Japan was and still is a paradise for spies from all over the world, as it does not even have an anti-spy law, and it is highly likely that Oswald was recruited by a spy agency in Japan.

It is no coincidence that the U.S. presidential election has brought freedom and democracy to the brink of collapse due to the various machinations of groups of people steeped in the ideology of socialism and communism as represented by the Chinese Communist Party. The time has come for humanity to finally learn that the malice that continues from generation to generation is real, and that human history has been created by it.

The first thing I learned from the Spiritual world was that behind the reality that these dark forces are effectively controlling the earth today is the story of the Bible. The essence of the story is to relive Jesus’ experience in Jerusalem for every human being on the planet. Once upon a time, the Jews of Jerusalem crucified Jesus by their own consent. It was the consensus of the people that brought about the death on the cross.

This world, the earth today, is ruled by the same type of human group as the ruling class in Jerusalem at that time. But this time, the group of people who manipulate public opinion will be defeated for the first time in human history.

This is the essence of “the last one-hundredth” of the program in the Japanese archipelago that I have been informed about. What is described in the Bible will now become a reality.

As more and more people realize that the dead will be resurrected and face the judgment seat of the Last Judgment, the power of the human group that has been leading the civilization that believes “it-ends-when-I-die”, and the group that has been adhering to the ideology of communism, will finally enter a period of decline.

This civilization, “it-ends-when-I-die”, has been supported by the ideology of the Jews, who were originally at the core of the group of people who hold the money known as international financial capitalists, and who expanded and reproduced the dark side of Judaism. In other words, the roots of capitalism, socialism, and communism are the same. The latest version of this ideology is the path to world government that claims the Great Reset, but that ideology is nothing more than the superficially sweet-sounding seductive language of Satanism, the dark side of Christian civilization.

The American people are just beginning to understand that the mass media of this world have been the propaganda arm of this satanic temptation. Beyond that, there is the importance of divine beings repeatedly communicating through Shinlogy  that the American Declaration of Independence is a new covenant between God and human. A group of human beings who have traveled westward in search of God will finally discover God and create a new nation anew. The year 2021 is the start of this process.





January 7th, 2021 (the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo