Jesus’ Crown of Thorns (Vol.684)


I would like to report that in December of 2019, in response to the Buddha World beginning to give the “Miroku Tama” that it had prepared with Shirayama Hime of Hakusan to the human world on earth, the soul of Jesus who returned to heaven from earth this year also communicated that it would give what it had prepared for this time to people on earth who have faith.

It is the crown of thorns that was on the figure of Jesus on the cross. Probably before or after Christmas, several people in this world will have a vision or experience, either in a dream, a vision in prayer, or a revelation, that the crown of thorns that was on Jesus’ head will be given to them by the hands of Jesus.

The person who experiences this is not a Christian now, but rather a person who has been given a seat in the divine realm of Jesus, the person with the soul. Perhaps that miracle happens to those who have not lost their righteous faith, even in the midst of a life full of trials.
Perhaps these words will echo in the head of that human being when he or she is given that crown.

“You may go. You are me, and I am you.”

Human beings are born on this earth after being given a piece of divinity. Think of that piece of divinity as the DNA of human life that restores the whole picture of how God works.
The Second Coming of Jesus will happen in your microcosm.

That’s what Shinlogy tells people, that each of us is the savior of our own microcosm.

From here, I would like to tell you about my thinking system and the music that nurtured it, on the theme of Bach and Beethoven, which many Japanese will be listening to from Christmas to the end of the year, and the Japanese language brain.

Needless to say, Bach was a composer who came out after the 30 Years War in Germany, when the population was said to have been reduced by a third in a battle that divided the country between the new and old religions, and he composed Protestant church music.

Without Luther’s Reformation, which came into the world as an antithesis to the corrupt papacy, there would be no Bach’s music. And Bach’s music was given a heavenly sound, as if angels were involved, in the Christian sense. As a result, the music became intelligent and mathematical. Shortly after that era, Europe experienced further upheaval. This was the French Revolution, and after the bloody turmoil of the Revolution, Napoleon appeared, and warfare followed. Beethoven, who came out of this era, was moved by intense emotions, but he gave music the power to contemplate without being carried away by those emotions, and brought a heavenly sound to the earth that was different from Bach’s. In Japan, a German general who surrendered to the Japanese in Aoshima (Qingdao) during World War I gave the first performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Tokushima, where the POW camp was located, and since then, the Japanese love for the Ninth has never changed.

Why do the Japanese love the Ninth Symphony so much? The reason is simple: the mentality of the average Japanese is in tune with that of Beethoven. And as the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth, the Ode to Joy, was declared the anthem of the European Union in 1985, it is positioned as a symbol of the spiritual culture of Europe as a whole.

It can be said that Beethoven’s music represents the most sublime spiritual achievement of modern and contemporary Western civilization.

After listening to Bach’s and Beethoven’s music for a period of time, I discovered certain laws in the composition of the music that accelerated the growth and evolution of the human spirit to interact and wrestle with God.

The music of Bach and Beethoven fulfill their  roles in the formation of my Japanese language brain, and as an extension of these, contact with Jesus as a being of consciousness was also born. This is how the Japanese brain has been prepared to absorb the best of the world’s spiritual achievements. In this sense, my mind or thinking system can be said to have been inherited from Beethoven.  In this way, the Japanese spirit will absorb the achievements of the Christian cultural sphere to create the next civilization after the already stalled monotheistic civilizations of Europe and America, which is the system of the last-one-thousandth in the Japanese archipelago. Our spiritual activity is for the enhancement and rediscovery of divinity. Once we realize this, everyone will be able to meet Jesus.



February 19, 2019

Seki Tetsuo