Jesus and Money (Vol.757)

I would like to report what I know at this time about what is beginning in earnest in the spiritual world this May of 2021.

That is, the earth today is a money-grubbing society just like the one in Jerusalem before Jesus’ crucifixion.
Those who know the life of Jesus would not disagree that his death on the cross was the point where the majority of the Jewish community recognized him as their enemy because of his actions to deny the ruling class of society, a group of people who were money changers in the name of God in the temple at that time.

To put it clearly, Jesus was killed by the logic of money at that time.  I have already mentioned that Jesus is now resurrected and beginning his holy war in the United States of America, a country with a reserve currency called the dollar.  But if we assume that the resurrection of Jesus was the result of the activation of the “last 0.01%” that has been handed down to Japan, we can clearly see the theme of God’s divine conspiracy over the past 2,000 years.

The God of the Bible sent Jesus to warn a group of humans who had first stolen His authority and then turned it into money.   Jesus was crucified by the Roman Empire with the consent of the inhabitants of Jerusalem at the time.

If there is a true teaching of Christianity, it is the denial of interest rates.

I think it can be said that the Christian church’s desire to rule the whole world in the name of God was a combination of coming to accept interest rates. The world was colonized, and the former Japan, which had so vigorously resisted the colonization, was left in the hands of the American ruling class after its defeat in 1945.

This is the reason why the God of the Bible prepared the man-made nation of the United States and the oldest nation in history, Japan, as the main battlefield of this story.
Furthermore, there is the reality that Japan is the largest provider of credit that supports the current dollar reserve system.

From the latter half of the 20th century until today, the world economy has been under the hands of the operators of the current money system, creating the reality of the divergence between the numerical money and the money of the real economy, and as more and more people become aware of this, the human historical basis for the current currency issuing power has begun to be questioned.

The greatest thing that the God of the Bible wants the human world to know is that it must rediscover in this world what Jesus did in the Temple of Solomon 2,000 years ago.
Without this process, the human world will never be liberated from the control of the evil human-derived god-like power of consciousness that I call the demon of atheism.

It may sound like a simple thing to do, but it was impossible to achieve such liberation in the real world, at least in the human world until now.  Based on this history of the human world, the hado of money has now been added to the knowledge of Shinlogy.

Anyone who knows the history of the Shinlogy Association understands that there is a law that when data is released to human knowledge, divine knowledge understands it and tries to solve it.

The money that is flooding the world today is money of Darkness at the moment, but even if everything is of Darkness at the moment, when the right Light shines on it, the Darkness will be activated and a movement will be created to separate the Light from the Darkness.
In other words, from now on, in the world of money as well, it will become a reality that Darkness cannot defeat Light.

The world today is nothing but a Dark Economy. We should consider that the digital signals flowing in cyberspace, for example, are also imprinted with Darkness. The hint is that if we apply, for example, an IconSeal to the electronic circuitry, certain human-perceivable changes will occur.

The day is approaching when human consciousness, which has been closed off to the universe of darkness, will be able to make contact with the universe of light and become a real economy.




May 13, 2021 (the first year of  Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo