Ise Incident (Vol.341)


I have a strong impression that something is changing at Ise these days, or that some kind of strange event is occurring. The image that comes to my mind is of the main hall of the Inner Shrine, so perhaps something different is happening in this relocation.

It seems that there is a connection between this something different compared to before and June 6, 2013, which is probably why I am writing this Hikarimonjyo (light document).

Behind the system of ceremonial relocation of the Ise Shrine in this country, there is a divinity that prepared it, and it took the work of three emperors, Tenchi, Tembu and Jitō, to make the system manifest in this world. At least these main characters were clearly aware that they were the Son of God.

After being defeated at the Battle of Hakusukinoe (Baekgang) River, the country turned to create the value of a “Japan Original” out of the extremely tense relationship with mainland China.

Since that time, the emperor system has had stable values that can be said to be the exact opposite of the rise and fall of the dynasties in China and Korea.

At a time when it was common knowledge that those chosen by God would become kings, the Japanese system was created by a group of humans who believed they were the Sons of God, and their mythology predicted from the beginning that the system would last for 1,500 years.

I know that the righteous gods have left one after another, according to the rule that it is right to leave when one’s role is finished, but that does not mean that the Yashiro*(shrines )have become empty. However, the wards that have protected this country up until now have become almost powerless, and it goes without saying that this is linked to the situation where the country is being marginalized by others.

The number of humans who have been given the ability to have contact with the spiritual world is supposed to increase rapidly, and this is due to the situation I keep reporting on, that the gods are descending on humans.

There must be many people who have had a strange experience of déjà vu or nostalgic feelings after visiting a shrine for the first time.This is because even the memory of our existence in the spiritual world is imprinted in the human soul….

Human beings are living organisms in this material world. And their life is limited. If we think that this limited life is a testimony to the fact that the universe is a cradle prepared for spiritual evolution, we can rediscover the significance of being given the form of human existence.

If the Yashiro*(shrine) of God, which was prepared for a great purpose in the past, is now being prepared again for the great purpose of the next era, we can understand the greatness of human beings if we think about who’s will it is.

There is a lot of negative energy emanating from this world right now. I can sense that there is a deep sadness and anger coming from the depths of the earth, an energy that I don’t think is of human origin, but this is also happening as this world transitions to a new timeline.




June 6, 2013

Seki Tetsuo





A place where God descends. A place where the land was cleansed and an altar was built to worship the god.