ICON (Vol.654)

At the current rate of progress, if I leave the earth, the thread that connects this material universe to the universe of light will be broken. The spiritual world must have had the same sense of crisis.
In this May of 2019, a different mission has come to me, and I am now testing it.

At any rate, as I explained to the members who came to the seminar in Osaka on May 19, it seems that a system has been completed that allows anyone to easily know the existence of the “universe of Light.

Let me explain what I know about the relationship between the concept of the “universe of Light” and the concept of the “story universe” in which we live today.
The present Earth is the “story universe. There, the battle between light and darkness has been going on endlessly. However, it seems that when the story of the battle between Light and Darkness comes to an end, the purpose of the existence of the “story universe” will disappear, and this universe will be separated into the “universe of Light” and the “universe of Darkness.

This “story universe” also has a spiritual world, which is a field of spiritual energy, and a material world, which is governed by the laws of physical properties, but please consider that both the “universe of Light” and the “universe of Darkness” naturally have a spiritual world and a material world. And what we are experimenting now is to project the characteristics of the material world of the “universe of light” onto the material world of this ” story universe”.

Specifically, the mark of the Shinlogy Association is used as an icon, and the physical properties of the “universe of Light” indicated by the mark are reflected in the matter on this side.

In other words, if we say “May it be connected to the universe of Light” to the material in this world to which the icon is attached, and stimulate it by shaking or vibrating it, the material will be endowed with the characteristics of the physical properties of the universe of Light.

It is nothing but a miracle, as far as human knowledge is concerned so far.
Moreover, it does not require any element of faith on the part of human beings, which I have been repeating.
Even an atheist who denies the spiritual world can create a miracle by simply saying, ” May it be connected to the universe of Light “ in Japanese*.

It means that what they said about not needing to believe was true. Anyone can know, for example, that the taste of salt in the material universe in which we live is different from the taste of salt in the universe of Light. What will happen then? The basis of science, which has been believing that the laws of the universe are absolute, will shift to a relative one.

In other words, we need to consider that the current events may be caused by the physical laws of this “story universe.  And if there is such a thing as a “universe of Light,” then the question must arise as to when this “material universe” will separate into a “universe of Light” and a “universe of Darkness.

The answer is ” that day, and hour”.
The world after the Judgment is the “Universe of Light” and the “Universe of Darkness”.

Let me remind you that I have often referred to the Hollywood movie Star Wars. I have repeatedly told you, as a prophecy or warning, that what is coming is a far more interesting time than Star Wars, and that the hero of it is each of you.

Of course, we must not forget that the content of Star Wars as a story was inspired by heavenly inspiration and information transmission, but more and more people will come to know that humans have not created culture and history alone.

I would like you to think about the possibilities for human beings and humanity beyond this point.
If you could connect to the knowledge of the “universe of Light” in order to overcome the deadlock in the world today, wouldn’t you want to access that knowledge?
If matter can be connected to the “universe of Light,” then it should be a logical conclusion that human consciousness can also be connected to the “universe of Light.
Those of us who have been able to contact the “universe of Light” understand the meaning of the statement that the Japanese brain makes this possible.





May 23, 2019

Seki Tetsuo



* Hikari no Uchu ni tsunagari masu youni