High Risk September (Vol.353)


It is almost September of 2013. At this time of the year, the information war over chemical weapons in Syria reveals the presence of the will of certain ones.  The incident of 9/11 in New York City, U.S.A., has convinced those who should be aware that this world is being painted with a huge lie, which points to the theme of the 21st century itself. The weapons of mass destruction that were so much in the media did not come out of Iraq. Likewise, the troops of the so-called developed countries are leaving Afghanistan without any success. What we saw there was a war business where private war contractors were making huge profits, which ordinary Japanese people could not even imagine. The world is already learning who the US military, the greatest destructive force on the planet, exists to serve.

But the question is, even if you know, what you can do about the reality that nothing will change if you deny the current order that exists in the field of this world. The answer is for more people to know. The first step is to eliminate the values that define this world as baseless in our own microcosm.

The fact that those who have not been given a place to exist in the spiritual realm can still reign as the rulers of this world means that they have not yet been brought out to the Last Judgment. And please think about the words I keep telling you, that the Last Judgment will happen in the microcosm of each individual, and analyze this world in this way. You can see that the civilization that we have today is a society that aims to be made up of a handful of ruling classes and people who can be called Sheeple, with a huge malice. The domination of the human mind by money has already reached its final stage, and a situation has arisen where most people believe in its controlled unreal story. What lies ahead is the destructive spiritual energy of controlled humanity pitting people against people, nation against nation. This is the scenario that has been foretold to push this world into the next big war, which could be called World War III.

Assuming that the best thing each of us can do to stem this tide is to let the Light of Judgment dwell in our own microcosm, there is no easier way. But, most humans reject it due to their brainwashing patterns of thinking before they cannot even  believe in it. In this sense, what is described in the book of Revelation in the Bible is also in progress in the microcosm of each individual.  However, there is also a basis for the awakening of human beings whose thoughts have been controlled by the rulers of the material world who want to make the writings of the Book of Revelation happen in the real world and thereby achieve their goals. A soul is inhabited by a vector to the world of Light that lies beyond Judgment. As more people become aware of this, the risks in this world will be reduced to less.

If you know that we are capable of turning a great difficulty into a small one, you will realize how great your value is in this age.





August 29, 2013

Seki Tetsuo