Groups and Individuals (Vol.388)


The world is now in the midst of a confrontation between Anglo-Saxon globalist capitalism and what might be called national capitalism, which asserts the superiority of the national state over international capital. One group is represented by the United States of America, and Putin’s Russia is emerging as the leader of the other group. This is nothing less than a civilizational confrontation that can be called a summary of the modern history of the West. This is nothing less than a civilizational confrontation that can be called a summary of the modern history of the West. However, the main theme of the communication from the spiritual world that has appeared in this country since before and after the Meiji Restoration is that this country has been given the only solution to this problem in advance. As most Japanese have found out by now, the Meiji Restoration was a kind of money revolution led by a group of Freemasons.

In this process, the country lost most of the enormous wealth that had been accumulated in the society, mainly in the form of gold, when Tokugawa Ieyasu closed the country for the coming era. It was a business transaction with the same rules and values as the slave trade in Africa, where people were exchanged for glass beads. The world as we know it today is nothing more than the logic of capital fixed by force, that is created by the money creation system of the West European countries as the East India Company.  Anyone who has studied even a little should be able to understand this.

And in a world under this rule, there will inevitably be a division between the one percent who rule and own, and the ninety-nine percent who are ruled and have not. The true nature of the illusion called communism was a means for Anglo-Saxon, or rather the human group of international capitalism, to overthrow the all-owning monarchy represented by the Romanov dynasty in Russia. Likewise, if you know that the modern invention of democracy was a cause for the overthrow of the French monarchy, you will understand that the history of human civilization is still in the process of development. When the two sides clash in their insistence that their group is the right one, the battle begins. And the real winners of the war were not even the nations that won the war, but the ones that lent the cost of the war to the nations fighting it. Individuals around the world are now beginning to realize this reality.

On the other hand, technology has evolved to manipulate the collective consciousness of human groups such as ethnic groups and nations, and the ability to make nations fight against nations and peoples against peoples has also increased. In Christian cultures, religious people also seem to be in control as they await this final stage. That is exactly the era we live in now. Here we come face to face with the theme of the cross of Jesus, whether one awakened human being can achieve spiritual victory in the midst of a manipulated herd of human beings.

This is a grand experiment for the first time in human history.

At the core of the spiritual world data that I have been given is the fact that this planet of life has been given a mechanism that roughly equates the spiritual cleansing power of one person with the total spiritual energy of the majority of manipulated people. This is the same way that the human intellect has been given a system of learning for personal growth that is not driven by the violent spirit of the times, as Jung experienced when he foresaw the rise of the Nazis.

The French and Russian revolutions were nothing more than the spilling of a lot of blood and an increase in the wealth of some people. We have entered an era in which we must re-examine the nature of our current civilization. If this is the will of heaven, then we should be able to conclude that the revolution should take place within each and every human being.  Also in Japan, unless each of us rediscovers our own history, we will not be able to move to the next stage. Please realize that this knowledge does not exist as an extension of past religions, philosophies, or ideologies.




May 2, 2014

Seki Tetsuo