Grey angels (Vol. 516)

In this October 2016, there was a report that the roles of angels and demons inhabiting humans in the Christian world have changed, and American-derived demons, embraced in large numbers by post-war Japan, are beginning to participate in the story beyond Armageddon.

The demons, originally called fallen angels, used to belong to the heaven, but they have sought to oppose the heaven by dominating the human world on earth. As the biblical narrative  is getting to close to the end, they were supposedly  forced to activate their own internal light factor by contact with the Japanese soul.

It looks like inhabitants of the world of darkness are beginning to realize what is effectively the world by man-made demonic beings that don’t know anything about  shin-kai (the divine world).
In other words, most of the human beings in this present world  are born as fallen angels as matter of fact, and they are in the story of how their souls will return to heaven by working as angels in the midst of the trials of life.

If we live in this world as human beings in order to refine our spirits, then within each human being’s life there is a battle between light and darkness, and as if to reflect this, the battle between light and darkness has continued throughout the entire planet, it’s the true history for 2ooo years at least.

Currently in the inner world of ordinary Japanese people, the progression of the Christian narrative of the final confrontation between angels and demons has come to a halt, and both demons and angels are beginning to rediscover the imperfection of God as their roots and they are about to finish their  roles, the incident is happening under my recognition. This’s a theme that appears almost like basso continuo in the Japanese-style manga or anime contents.

Therefore, there is no ultimate evil or ultimate good in the Japanese principle of action, and there is an intuitive understanding of the human world from that perspective, an intuitive understanding of the narrative universe, where evil has a role to play and good has a role to play.

In a way, this gaze of the storyteller is the same as God’s eye. Take novel for instance, characters’s fate are in the author’s hands.

The reason why human beings have interest in creative function is because each of them has a piece of divine consciousness in themselves. In this narrative universe, the change I am aware of is that since this October 2016, a Western-originated or American-originated demonic program of repentance of the body of consciousness of the demonic body of consciousness has been activated inside the workings of the Japanese language brain of the Japanese people, but what lies ahead is supposed to be the collapse of the content of American civilization.

And beyond that there’s an aporocalyptic story of the dollar-based system that has been sustained by its contents. Japan will have to figure out how they  going to survive  in the midst of the progressive collapse of the world order, corresponding to the devil inside human beings, who has been working to cast them into hell, and now, it turns into a gray angel to guide human’s souls as a nation.

There have been no nation which takes act like that in history.
If Japan fails to create the next generation, the world itself will sink into darkness. The role of Japanese civilization is so crucial. Its consciousness plays a major
role is something that captivates the minds of children, which has been shaped by manga and anime.
That “something” may be called the common consciousness of the Kingdom of God.
A society without violent rulers, where the strong help the weak and live together, is actually what Japan as a country has been striving for, and in 2016, this  country stood  at the starting point of what it might be able to achieve in the future, which shows the conversion of the devil as a symbol of the Western civilization that has been ruled by fear.
Now, the information of these gray angels to the human world will increase, and from them new content will be supplied to the human world.
Those who will be able to participate in this new creation whose soul know that the Light triumphed. I suppose they’ll have the supreme experience because the Creator’s Light come into action inside them.