Gates of Hell (Vol.731)

In the middle of the night of November 4th, as the votes for the US presidential election were still being counted, a strong energy went through my head and some words were delivered in no uncertain terms, that was “The gates of hell” have opened. As a general rule, I don’t release this kind of message that could fuel people anxiety, but this time, after careful consideration, I have decided that they should be recorded as character information, so I’ll write down what I have been told.

Some prophecy put in the West, points to the fact that the year 2020 seems to have been prepared to match the timing for the final judgment in the monotheistic civilization. It seems like that the event led to begin was the US presidential election as a stage.  That probably will be spiritual history written by historians of later generations.

The US, that defeated Japan, will soon face the problems that Japan used to confront. Thereby, American century is approaching the end. Which is  the start of the world’s version of the last one step system placed on Japan, as I was informed.

And finally, it’s becoming clear that white people who have dominated the US up to now, or rather, one group of humans, so called finance capitalists who established sovereignty over the country after defeating Japan are actually the anti-Christ forces, such as a theme of the Christian civilized world.
This dominant force in America and Communist in China share the values such as atheism. It sheds light on the truth that the founding myth of the US is that Christians migrated in search of a new land, when in fact, a group of humans  who pretended to be Christian believers created a new nation to achieve their desires.
Now what is going to happen?  The US  is entering an era as if they relive the Civil War.
Here, please recall that the American Civil War was followed by the Meiji Restoration in Japan. At that time, there was no knowledge of monotheistic demons in the Japanese archipelago. It’s my historical perspective that the progress up to now of the Shinlogical Association has been to prepare for this.
It’s widely known to many people already that the forces that started the American Civil War, and they have been behind the wars occurred throughout the world since then.
And these same forces ought to provoke a similar war between the US and Communist China. In fact, this is  the essence of Western modernity.
We must not forget that Japan’s Meiji Restoration was a buyer’s marketplace for the leftover weapons from the Civil War. Try to realize that the world is heading for reenact the history from now on. So, you’ll notice the situation is progressing that gives hell to throughout Japan, or the Japanese race.
These issues are directly related to the promise of the Last Judgment, which is a major theme of Christian or monotheistic cultures.
Though I know I’m repeating myself but,  the gods or goddesses who keep hiding these secrets of the spiritual world in the Japanese archipelago are the gods or goddesses who will be the protagonists in the coming era. And they’ve already descended to inside of human’s souls with these data to become Son of Man.
It can be said that it’s a new type of mankind.
To use words from an old prophecy, it is the promised God-man. Western modernity, is about, especially in the flow beginning with Nietzsche in Germany and ending with Hitler, but before that, there is the concept of the superhuman, which is a European thing, and in the Japanese archipelago, we are programmed to go beyond the age of the superhuman and directly to the age of the God-man.
The reason for this is because, as I always say, Japanese is a divine language, and the fact is to be born as a Japanese means they have been granted abilities that surpass those of the rest of the world.
This world can get away from the worst scenario if more and more people realize that 2020 is the year when gates of hell opened by the US presidential election. This is the beginning of the era of  making the Great-Misfortune to the Small-Misfortune.